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Our top picks of Singapore brands and businesses for October 2020

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Find affordable, stylish and one-of-a-kind home accessories at Areli Designs

Areli Designs

Established in 2017 by Samantha Yik, Areli Designs is a Singapore-based online boutique that focuses on contemporary chic home accessories, sourced from all over the world. From white marble coasters to perfume bottles with quartz tops, the products it carries boast an upscale look of refinement, while remaining reasonably priced. Currently working on its own line of products, the brand also provides interior styling and personal shopping services. To take a closer look at its carefully curated collection of home decor items, swing by its showroom, situated on the second floor of the EPL Building in Bukit Merah.

arelidesigns.com; beautifyinteriors@areli-designs.com; +65 9845 3645

Playful prints and striking hues dominate S.G.O.S’s catalogue of clothes


What started as a blogshop in 2010 has now turned into an Instagram store with a strong following of more than 32,000, featuring charming garments that have been worn by actors in a variety of Singapore TV shows and Malaysian theatre productions. Founded by local entrepreneur Shafiyani Safiee, who launched the business right after graduating from Republic Polytechnic, S.G.O.S is an apparel brand with an eclectic catalogue that doesn’t quite conform to any single style. While many of the pieces, ranging from denim pants to chic jumpsuits, are sourced from around the world, some are designed in-house with a focus on playful prints, bright hues and embroidered details.

instagram.com/s.g.o.s; s.g.o.s@outlook.com; +65 9387 8521

FOREST’s mulberry silk scarves, which can be worn multiple ways, feature hand-rolled hems and screen-printed patterns


Homegrown fashion e-tailer FOREST is known for offering fine, versatile accessories that combine high craftsmanship with timeless design. Founded in 2018, the brand specialises in luxurious, whimsical brooches, coated with platinum and 24-karat gold, and mulberry silk scarves, which not only boast a luxe, luminous sheen, but are also smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin. The screen-printed scarves, which can be worn multiple ways for various occasions, feature hand-rolled hems and stylish, nature-inspired prints such as floral motifs and tropical imagery. What’s more, FOREST donates 10 per cent of its profits to PA Nepal, a non-profit that supports Nepalese ex-offenders and their children.

shopatforest.com; enquiry@shopatforest.com

Savour halal-friendly, glyphosate- and GMO-free Manuka honey from PURITI


Get your fix of New Zealand-made Manuka honey from PURITI, a honey specialist that carries halal-friendly, kosher-certified, glyphosate- and GMO-free products. Chock-full of antioxidants, its Manuka honey – manufactured by honey supplier Midlands Apiaries – goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for MGO content (which determines the UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor, grade of the product), making it among the world’s purest variants. Exclusively distributed in Singapore by Theia Asia Trading, PURITI offers raw Manuka honey with a grade of between UMF5+ and UMF15+, which comes in anti-counterfeit packaging, as well as in the form of single-serve packs and lozenges.


Shi Le Po’s salted egg potato chips are made with real salted egg yolks

Shi Le Po

Satisfy your salted egg cravings with Shi Le Po’s salted egg potato chips, which are made with real salted egg yolks (rather than salted egg powder) and oven-baked for a crunchier finish without any excess grease. Established in 2017 by a trio of friends, the Singaporean snack brand – taking inspiration from local flavours and zi char recipes – is also known for its line of fish skin snacks, available in flavours such as salted egg, black pepper crab, and ginger and spring onion. Drop by any outlet of The Cocoa Trees to purchase them.

shilepo.com; enquiries@supremefood.sg; +65 6684 7767

GOPIZZA uses par-baked dough and a specially developed fire oven to produce personal pizzas in under five minutes

GOPIZZA Singapore

Originally established as a food truck in 2016 in Korea, GOPIZZA has made its way to Singapore with four cloud kitchens and one physical outlet (with more branches opening in coming months). Founded by Jay Lim, a graduate of Singapore Management University, it serves personal pizzas, made with par-baked dough, featuring one-of-a-kind toppings such as Korean bulgogi, sweet potato and Italian burrata cheese. Each pizza is also baked in an automated fire oven, a patented design known as GOVEN that can produce six pizzas in under five minutes. The best part? GOPIZZA’s offerings are priced affordably, starting from S$7.90 per pizza.


Sunday Shades Co. designs Asian fit sunglasses that are lightweight and non-slip

Sunday Shades Co.

Singapore-based eyewear brand Sunday Shades Co. has crafted the perfect pair of sport sunglasses for Asian users that balances form and function. Designed to withstand the elements and stay put during vigorous activities, the stylish shades are also affordable (priced at S$49 per pair) and extremely lightweight (weighing no more than 22g), thus ensuring maximum comfort. Its frames – available in a multitude of hues, as well as matte, transparent and translucent styles – are also treated with an anti-slip coating, while its UV400 lenses are polarised and scratch-resistant.

sundayshades.co; hello@sundayshades.co

Lil’ Palette offers children’s art appreciation classes that incorporate art history and design thinking skills

Lil’ Palette

Established in September 2019, Lil’ Palette is the brainchild of Singapore-based, New York-trained artist, educator and entrepreneur Lynn Teo, who created an art appreciation programme for children that goes beyond the basic skills of drawing and painting. Applying a holistic approach to arts education, Lil’ Palette focuses on imparting critical thinking, creative and cognitive skills through art history lessons, sensory experiments and art conversations. While most classes – ranging from origami courses to Pop Art workshops – are currently taught via Zoom, it also offers private, at-home art appreciation sessions, as well as day camps that integrate the arts and sciences.

lilpalette.cominfo@lilpalette.com; +65 9726 3516

Purchase organic, pesticide-free bird’s nests of superior grade at CS Bird Nest

CS Bird Nest

The largest supplier of bird’s nest products in Singapore, CS Bird Nest specialises in organic and pesticide-free offerings of superior grade, including raw bird’s nests, naturally processed bird’s nests, bird’s nest shavings and bird’s nest biscuits. Available for purchase online, its products are manufactured to the highest standards in quality and hygiene and distributed worldwide from Australia and China to the US. The AVA and SFA-licensed importer starts by harvesting edible swiftlet nests from its own sustainable birdhouses in Cambodia and Malaysia, before cleaning them by hand and sterilising them with UV light and ultrasonic waves. The bird’s nests are also dried at room temperature to prevent any loss of nutrients. Use the promo code, SGK20, to enjoy S$20 off online purchases with no minimum spend.

birdnest.com.sg; david@birdnest.com.sg; +65 8388 6328

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, enjoy a sunset dinner cruise aboard the Royal Albatross

Tall Ship Adventures

Savour upscale, once-in-a-lifetime experiences aboard the Royal Albatross, a luxury tall ship in Singapore operated by Tall Ship Adventures. As fully functioning tall ships with passenger service are a rarity, with fewer than 100 of these old-world vessels left in the world currently, it’s no surprise the Royal Albatross has been named among the top 10 per cent of attractions worldwide listed on TripAdvisor for 2020. The only tall ship in Asia that has four masts and 22 sails, it has hosted celebrities and royal figures such as David Foster and Princess Anne. Also touted as the most romantic dining spot in Singapore, it offers sunset dinner cruises, where you can enjoy its newly updated menu of gourmet food against the backdrop of the southern islands of Singapore.

tallship.com.sg; reservations@tallship.com.sg; +65 9350 7475

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