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Great design is all about offering that element of surprise

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Given the climate we are living in today, most of us are spending a lot more time at home. In fact, according to a recent survey by The Straits Times, eight in 10 workers say they would prefer to work from home or have flexible working arrangements going forward.

To that end, people have been rethinking their living space – whether it’s a light sprucing up with the addition of lush and leafy houseplants and ergonomic furniture or a complete overhaul that involves the help of interior designers.

Millimeters Studio, a home-grown interior design firm set up in 2009, offers a personalised approach when it comes to designing for their clients. Recognising that everybody has a distinctive personality and set of expectations, the studio takes on a limited number of projects each year to ensure that each client gets the time and conscientious effort they deserve for a job well done.

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Millimeters Studio only takes on a limited number of projects each year

Through in-depth discussions with clients and by working closely with craftsmen and suppliers, Millimeters Studio founder Sherlynn Low and her team can ensure that each home is in line with – or even surpasses – their clients’ expectations. Sherlynn explains, “More than just delivering projects, we aim to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients.”

Millimeter Studio Singapore
The homegrown interior design firm, which was set up in 2009, specialises in designing monochromatic interiors

With a background in product design and visual communication, Sherlynn has always believed in the importance of translating a brand’s (or homeowner’s) personality through thoughtful design. After all, great design is not just about filling your home with beautiful items or transplanting the showroom into your living space: it is about considering the unique space you’re working with and putting careful thought into the concept and story you’re trying to tell.

While Millimeters Studio has made a name for itself this past decade with their sleek, monochromatic designs, there is actually a deeper design philosophy that undergirds their work. “In all our projects, we are mindful of creating design anchors that help bring depth to spaces and that interact harmoniously with the people who live in them,” Sherlynn shares.

Here, Sherlynn tells us more about these design anchors and her philosophy when it comes to interior design.

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Designing a beautiful home requires plenty of careful thought

Go with a desaturated colour palette

“Using desaturated tones for walls provide a solid backdrop for fixtures to stand out and tell their own stories,” Sherlynn reveals. Indeed, choosing the basic colour is the easy part – most of the effort comes from selecting the optimal level of saturation. “The correct saturation level not only brings out the objects in the interior but also creates a calming effect for its dwellers,” she adds.

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Black metal fixtures are easy to maintain, and work very well even in areas with high moisture

Use black metal for various fixtures

With their team of metal craftsmen, Millimeters Studio uses “black metal” for most, if not all, of their furniture fixtures. While aesthetically pleasing, Sherlynn shares that this concept was hatched out of practical reasons, rather than being driven by design. She describes how her own home was their first foray into using customised furnishings for vanity cabinets and racks, as she wanted to overcome the delamination issues commonly faced when using plywood in bathrooms. “The experiment turned out to be a great success,” she says. “These customisable fixtures are easy to maintain, and work very well even in areas with high moisture.”

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Mirrors offer a great opportunity for homeowners to interact with their living space

Incorporate interactive surfaces

Mirrors are commonly used as a way to provide the illusion of a bigger space, but for Millimeters Studio, mirrors are a way of giving owners an added dimension of interacting with their living quarters. Carefully placed mirrors can help brighten up a room or even bring the outdoors in – for example, by placing a large mirror opposite a picture window. “These interactive surfaces enable owners to discover new channels of exploration in their home,” Sherlynn says.

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Bring the outside in with the placement of potted plants around your home

Decorate with plants aplenty

According to Sherlynn, one of the simplest ways to add verve to a room is by introducing natural elements such as plants into the space. Well-chosen and artfully displayed plants are a great way to enhance your home’s look and make you feel more connected with nature. Depending on your design theme, leafy plants are your best bet to complement the interiors, as brightly coloured flowers might potentially overpower the visual balance.

Millimeter Studio Singapore
Millimeters Studio aims to build strong and lasting relationships with every client

Millimeters Studio

For more information, head to Millimeters Studio’s official website here.

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