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This Singapore fashion brand explains the benefits of luxury silk masks

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With face masks here to stay for the foreseeable future, new brands bringing some personality to this daily essential accessory are on the rise. Some stand out with the durability of their reusable fabric, others on the appeal of their contemporary prints.

Silk face masks by Luneil

But Luneil has an altogether unique proposition of top-grade mulberry silk face masks – which have been featured in the Thai editions of Prestige ahead of the brand’s official launch in the Thailand market – promising not just safety and comfort but an array of healthful benefits. Highly qualified dermatologists from Australia, Korea, Singapore, the US, as well as Thailand’s leading private hospitals have endorsed these benefits. Austin-based dermatologist Adam Mamelak says, “The best cloth option for your silk is a mask made from silk or silk-lined materials, because silk has anti-microbial properties and has been shown to be better for people with sensitive skin.”

Founded by Korean SBS supermodel Kyuri Yeom and based in Singapore, Luneil’s line of face and eye masks are top-of-the-line, thanks to Yeom’s meticulous attention to sourcing only the best materials. Quality is the top defining factor for her, having fallen in love with silk many years ago, her enthusiasm eventually leading to the founding of Luneil in early 2019. This line of silk accessories will also be launched in partnership with Bangkok’s most upscale retailers such as EmQuartier, Siam Paragon and Icon Siam in the fourth quarter of 2020. Here’s what makes them so special.

Luneil founder Kyuri Yeom

They’re made with the best fabric available

Like many commodities, silk is graded on a spectrum, with 6A being the finest. Luneil’s face and eye masks are made using chemical-free 100% mulberry 6A silk, sourced from the silk-producing capital of Suzhou in China’s Jiangsu province. This grade of silk represents less than 5% of silk available in the market, and is used only by luxury fashion brands. They’re perfect for formal occasions

With a luxurious look and feel, it’s no wonder that silk was traditionally favoured by Eastern and Western nobility. Lauded by scores of Thai celebrities for its high craftsmanship and quality, Luneil’s line of two- and four-layer masks comes in over a dozen solid colours that let the natural sheen of the fabric shine, making them perfect for any occasion where you want a mask that will stand up to the elegance of your outfit – whether that’s a glamorous get-together or a special occasion.

Luneil’s masks are made from chemical-free 100% mulberry-fed 6A grade silk

They’re great for your skin

Containing 18 amino acids and proteins such as sericin and fibroin, silk was once used as bandages for its many healing properties. That may no longer be the case, but top-grade silk is rich with many benefits for the skin. Those who have experienced breakouts from constant mask use will be pleased to learn that silk actually prevents “maskne”.

Dr Chee See Guan, an aesthetic doctor at the Aesthetic & Medical Clinic in Singapore and an expert in cosmetic skin problems, confirms, “The prolonged use of face masks causes skin irritation and ‘maskne’. I’ve been seeing a lot of patients lately with acne, blackheads, whiteheads and eczema, caused by the prolonged use of face masks.”

Dr Chee See Guan of Aesthetic & Medical Clinic

Luneil face masks not only regulate your temperature, they also block UVA and UVB rays from the sun and are hypoallergenic, thus eliminating factors that contribute to skin irritation and maskne. What’s more, they fix moisture on the skin surface, keeping your face hydrated and supporting the work of your anti-aging skincare regime.

They’re durable and reusable

Once used to manufacture parachutes and hot air balloons, the tear-resistance and longevity of silk is well-documented. Silk is the strongest known fabric, some 10 times stronger than nylon. Made of four to eight ultra-fine filaments that are fused together to produce a single thread, top-grade silk is both light and extremely durable, as well as provides a high degree of natural protection. For sustainability-minded users looking for the ideal reusable mask collection, Luneil is the perfect option.

Gorgeous packaging makes Luneil face masks ideal for gifts

To learn more about Luneil and make a purchase, visit the official website. If you are experiencing skin issues and would like to see a doctor, visit Dr Chee See Guan at Aesthetic & Medical Clinic

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