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Heart-racing adventures with your friends – right here in Singapore

Produced by SilverKris for Sandbox VR

While travelling to other countries with your besties is still off the table, travelling to other worlds is very much a possibility. As Phase 3 went into effect a couple of weeks ago, Singapore’s most beloved location-based virtual reality experience Sandbox VR now welcomes up to six players in a single booking.

You and up to five of your adventure-thirsting friends can don VR headsets and haptic vests and transport yourselves to an old pirate ship, a futuristic gladiator arena, a creaking old haunted mansion or even a Star Trek adventure – all from Sandbox VR’s sprawling space at Orchard Central.

Sandbox VR virtual reality
Travel to distant worlds in tandem with your friends

Feel the thrills – literally

With just 10 locations worldwide, Sandbox VR is unlike any other VR experience out there. The VR headsets transport you visually into another world, but the haptic vests and full-body tracking mean you can actually feel the encounters you have while you’re there. In short, your real body transforms into your virtual body. This technology has made Sandbox VR TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travellers’ Choice winner, an accolade given only to the top 10% of attractions worldwide.

The other unique aspect of this experience is collaborative gameplay. You and your friends are all in the virtual world together, combating the bad guys – and sometimes each other! – in real time.

From scary to stunning

And just what kind of virtual worlds are we talking about? Fans of horror and all things undead will love Deadwood Mansion, a seriously scary M18-rated offering where you and your teammates are stuck in a cavernous, decrepit mansion, armed with dual pistols, a machine gun or a combat rifle, and must defend yourselves against zombies. For more scary fun, this time on the high seas, book yourselves into Curse of Davy Jones. Suitable for players aged 16 and above, this world is all about treasure-hunting pirates and supernatural creatures.

But if it’s futuristic worlds you’re after, try Amber Sky 2088, where your mission is to save the world against invading aliens. Featuring a fictitious New Hong Kong, a ride up in a space elevator and stunning views of the Earth’s curvature, this experience is equal parts heart-racing adventure and breathtaking landscapes. Alternatively, Sandbox VR’s brand new offering will surely get Star Trek fans excited. A collaboration with CBS Interactive, Star Trek: Discovery beams you and your fellow Starfleet officers into awe-inspiring alien worlds in an effort to recover a lost Starfleet ship, all while engaging in high-speed shootouts using your trusty Starfleet phaser.

Sandbox VR headsets
All equipment at Sandbox VR is sanitised after each group

But for a truly amazing blend of the ancient and the fantastic, the newly launched Unbound Fighting League is a super physical player-versus-player battle that combines gladiator arenas with futuristic worlds. Armed with laser swords, tridents, claws and other weapons, you’ll go toe-to-toe with your opponents in a thrilling fight.

Safety comes first

Whichever world you choose to travel to, you can rest assured of your safety while you’re at Sandbox VR. Groups are capped at six, in accordance with government guidelines, and you will not share any room with other groups. Sandbox VR also disinfects all headsets, lenses, haptic vests and props after every use, ensuring a safe and fun experience for all.

For more information on Sandbox VR or to make a booking, please visit the official website or Facebook page.

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