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Our top picks of Singapore brands and businesses (June edition)

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As Singapore once again retreats into the safety of home, our thoughts turn to supporting local businesses and all the purchases, big and small, that soothe us in uncertain times. Whether that’s upping your cooking game, a natural bamboo standing desk for your work-from-home set-up or finally planning your ever-postponed small wedding, these Singapore-based businesses offer top-notch products and services that help make life beautiful, no matter the circumstances.

Natural bamboo standing desk by Own Element
A NorticDesk natural bamboo standing desk by Own Element

Own Element

As working from home takes a toll on our bodies, a standing desk is no longer just for hipsters. Singapore-based ergonomic furniture company Own Element makes affordable, high-quality motorised standing desks that get regular rave reviews from customers. Not only is a flexible sit-stand setup good for your posture, Own Element lets you create your own desk with various choices for colour, materials and dimensions to suit the aesthetic of your workspace. You can even go for natural bamboo or elmwood – and all desks come with the option of a hassle-free five-year warranty.;; +65 8223 1072

Quality gems and French design by L'Excellence
A bespoke jewellery experience by L’Excellence


Those seeking engagement rings, anniversary gifts or family heirlooms will love the bespoke service and enchanting story behind this third-generation family jeweller. L’Excellence began in the ’50s when Chinese-Thai entrepreneur Mr Khau started a renowned ruby and sapphire mine in Cambodia’s legendary Pailin region. In the ’70s, the family moved to Paris where his son expanded into diamonds and other gems wholesale and incorporated the highest standards of French jewellery-making. Today his grand-daughters, former investment professionals Sylvie and Sophie, carry on the family legacy by offering a unique proposition: direct sourcing of certified diamonds and gems, bespoke designs and crafting at French standards and consultation in gems acquisition for investment. Book an appointment.; #30-01 Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place; +65 6589 8738

A home renovation by Liminal
A recent residential project by Liminal


It’s a good time for that long-overdue home makeover, but renovations can be intimidating: unpredictable timelines, over-optimistic budgets and creative compromises. But Singapore-based firm Liminal is on a mission to improve the experience, be that for your condo, HDB, office or commercial space. Through best-in-class products, tech know-how and a network of trusted partners, Liminal collaborates with clients to create beautiful spaces that reflect both style and needs. The firm also specialises in traditional gates, aesthetically pleasing doors and high-tech locks. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned real-estate investor, Liminal leverages its years of experience to deliver improvements that match your vision.; #01-37/38 1 Queensway; +65 9795 5757

Maifan stone cookware by K-ART
Maifan stone cookware by K-ART

K-ART Cookware

The past year has made a home-chef out of everyone (almost!) but if you need a bit more encouragement, treating yourself to new and affordable cookware might do the trick. K-ART specialises in cookware, kitchen accessories and stainless steel goods. The made-in-Korea maifan stone series of woks and pots are particularly inspiring, with seven layers of coating that promote even heat distribution, produce 80% less smoke and ensure no chemicals leach into the food. Wellness enthusiasts will also appreciate the high-quality non-stick nano coating which requires far less oil than other cookware, approved by the US FDA.; #04-05 Compass One, 1 Seng Kang Square; +65 6386 3236

A wedding-day shoot by Jeffery Koh Photography
A wedding-day shoot by Jeffery Koh Photography

Jeffery Koh Photography

Weddings in Singapore have become smaller than ever, so you want a photographer who can blend in while capturing those fleeting moments you’ll savour for years to come. Jeffery Koh is an experienced professional who delivers cinematic vignettes and authentic portraits. Whether it’s a meaningful glance between family members, the wind in the bride’s hair or a gentle laugh between the groom and his best man, Jeffery captures candid moments in a natural, vibrant and airy style – as well as the organised group shots that are a must-have for your big day. Get in touch with Jeffery for pre-wedding and actual-day adventures.; +65 9438 5476

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