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4 Michelin-starred sushi restaurants to try in Singapore

It’s International Sushi Day today (June 18), and what better way to commemorate these delicious morsels – that have become a global phenomenon – than by tucking into some really good ones? These spots have been given the Michelin stamp of approval, so you know every bite is of the highest quality, standard and taste.

Shinji by Kanesaka Singapore Silverkris
Sashimi at Shinji by Kanesaka

1. Shinji by Kanesaka

Step into the threshold and you’d be greeted by the faint scent of hinoki (cypress), sugi (cedar), and karin (red oak) – a warm invitation to what will surely be an exquisite experience here. Both its St. Regis and Carlton Hotel outlets have earned a Michelin star, and no wonder. Both boast an intimate hinoki counter where you’d be presented with excellent service and ingredients that are as fresh as can be, with fish flown in from Tokyo’s Toyosu market. Your best bet for a truly wonderful experience is the chef’s omakase menu, where a native Japanese team of artisan chefs will meticulously craft a meal that promises a symphony of flavours with every bite.

2. Sushi Kimura

This 22-seater at Palais Renaissance also boasts a hinoki counter crafted from a 150-year-old tree. Its sushi rice is imported from a specific farm in Yamagata Prefecture and cooked in Hokkaido spring water; only the highest grade of nori (seaweed) from the soft leaves of the first harvest are used; and all its ingredients are shipped from Japan. Seasonally curated Edomae-style delicacies are served here; specialties include its exquisite abalone simmered in sake for eight hours and rice bowls topped with ikura, chopped toro and two types of creamy uni.

Sushi Kimura Singapore Silverkris
Expect to enjoy seasonally curated Edomae-style delicacies, fresh from Toyosu Market

3. Sushi Ichi

While it started with humble beginnings in the vibrant Ginza district of Tokyo, its Singapore outpost has gained quite a following. The one Michelin star spot at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel specialises in traditional Edomae sushi made with seasonal seafood and vegetables from Japan. Only the best rice makes it to the counter and sauces are shipped from their flagship store in Japan to maintain consistency. Top grade tuna and sea-urchin are the restaurant’s specialty. We highly recommend the omakase option, where you’d be treated by sushi masters preparing food in full view at a counter made from a 200 year-old cypress trees.

4. Shoukouwa

This two Michelin star establishment at One Fullerton has only eight seats, suggesting a truly personalised and attentive dining experience. Every mouth promises to be a delight, from its freshly sliced sashimi to its elegantly crafted sushi that has the freshest catch flown daily from Toyosu Market perched delicately on top of rice dressed in a secret blend of vinegars. The chefs have mastered the perfect fish to rice ratio and the restaurant has been lauded for its close attention to execution and detail. A heavenly meal that’s worth its hefty price tag.

Please check the establishments’ respective websites for opening hours as well as booking and seating requirements before visiting, and remember to adhere to safe-distancing measures while out and about.

The information is accurate as of press time. For updated information, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

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This article was originally published in the April 2019 issue of SilverKris magazine and updated on 18 June 2021.

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