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Key projects Singapore Airlines is supporting with their Carbon Offset Programme

Zero Emissions Day, on 21 September, has become a worldwide movement that aims to give the planet a day off. However, we can all agree it should not be limited to just one day. Whether it’s shopping for sustainable travel essentials, seeking out eco-friendly adventures in Singapore or planning 24 hours as an eco-warrior, there are endless ways to look after Mother Nature. Singapore Airlines (SIA), winner in the International Airline category of Newsweek’s inaugural Future of Travel Awards, is of the same mindset and invites us all to take part in their SIA Group Carbon Offset Programme, an initiative to empower passengers and cargo customers to voluntarily offset the carbon emitted during your flight.

With this programme, Singapore Airlines and Scoot customers will be able to offset carbon emissions on the respective airline microsites at any time before or after a flight. To encourage customers to participate, every offset you purchase during the first six months will be matched by the airlines. This will double your impact and ensure you fly carbon neutral.

So where do the contributions go? 100% of your carbon offsetting contribution goes towards a portfolio of verified carbon offset projects across Asia that are independently accredited and meet rigorous standards to ensure they make an impactful difference to our planet. Learn more about the key carbon offset projects supported by SIA.

Rainforest preservation in Indonesia

The Katingan Mentaya Project is the largest programme of its kind. They help to protect five critically endangered species, like the orangutan, and peatland in Central Kalimantan from being destroyed. Large amounts of carbon are naturally stored in the wetlands and by conserving them we are able to prevent it from being released into the environment. Each year over 7.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented and over 500 local people are directly employed to protect the forest. Through this project, it will also provide financial empowerment for over 850 local women through management workshops and distribution of microfinance, as well as learning resources and education for local students and the general public on ecosystem restoration and health impacts of forest fires.

Solar energy projects across India

Solar energy projects in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Maharashtra produce clean and renewable energy. Without these sustainable developments, power would be generated by a fossil-fuel fired power plant. In addition to producing electricity in the regions, the projects help develop local economies and create jobs for engineers, maintenance technicians, on-site operators and security guards in the local villages. Through this project, over 815,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions have been prevented each year. A portion of revenue generated from these projects also goes into supporting local access to healthcare including child health with check-up clinics and healthy nutrition education for families.

Cleaner cooking in Nepal

This project recognises that the majority of Nepal’s rural population prepare meals using traditional fires in poor conditions. Kitchens are often poorly ventilated with small windows. In addition to household air pollution, this often leads to chronic respiratory, heart and eye disease. The greatest health burden can be found among the women and children responsible for cooking. This project distributes efficient, clean burning cookstoves that aim to reduce smoke pollution and household expenditure on firewood by up to 50%. As these also require less wood, it also helps improve the future of native forests. So far, over 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions have been prevented each year and 47,000 families have received a stove in Nepal.

If you are looking at how to offset your carbon emissions on your future flights, visit the following websites to learn more:
carbonoffset.singaporeair.com.sg or carbonoffset.flyscoot.com

To learn more about Singapore Airlines flights, visit singaporeair.com.

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