Tuesday, 15 February 2022

This interactive installation at CapitaSpring shows flowers growing in real time

CapitaSpring, Singapore‘s newest 51-storey skyscraper in the Central Business District, will soon be unveiling a rooftop garden featuring more than 80,000 plants from about 130 different species on its top floor. Until then, check out something a bit more artsy already blooming on the building’s ground floor.

Japan-based art collective teamLab, who in 2019 transformed a 16th-century castle in Japan into an interactive art space, and whose works have been shown several times here in the Little Red Dot as well as art shows all over the world, has unveiled a permanent interactive installation in CapitaSpring’s lobby.

Called Proliferating Immense Life – Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year, a screen almost 18m tall (nearly six levels) displays photos of seasonal flowers that respond interactively to the movements of people “and multiply as they are repeatedly born, bloom, and scatter, transforming perpetually. When it detects people passing by, butterflies and flowers scatter; and when the elevator door opens, the butterflies fly away.

According to teamLab, the artwork is not a pre-recorded image. Instead it is created by a computer program that continuously renders the work in real time. The work, it says, is synchronised with Singapore’s actual time and season. The artwork brightens as the sun rises, darkens as the sun sets, and the flowers that bloom throughout the year change with the seasons. It will showcase seasonal flowers, including Singapore’s national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

CapitaSpring is at 88 Market Street.


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