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In health-conscious Singapore, Elementelle takes probiotics to the next level

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Singaporeans have always been health-conscious. From hundreds of yoga studios and outdoor tai chi to TCM teas and local kombucha brands, wellness is a part of our daily lives. Recent surveys suggest that the impact of Covid-19 on outdoor activities, screen time and stress levels has made us more determined than ever to look after our bodies and minds.

It’s a great time for the arrival of Elementelle Probiotics+ to the scene. Singaporeans are no strangers to probiotics. We’ve long known that gut health and a balanced microbiome are responsible for many aspects of our overall wellness, from digestion and skin to immunity and focus.

But the Australian brand’s sole local distributor – Korean supermodel, entrepreneur and longtime Lion City resident Kyuri Yeom – saw that Elementelle Probiotics+ offers something above and beyond other brands.

Lion City-based model and entrepreneur Kyuri Yeom saw the need for  Elementelle Probiotics+ in Singapore

For starters, it uses potent, live, therapeutic-grade – not food-grade – probiotic strains. Then there’s its multi-action formula which combines probiotics and prebiotics with speciality vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that tackle a host of health and wellness issues. This all-in-one, synergistic approach eliminates the need for multiple expensive supplements, and supports everything from restful sleep to radiant skin.

More than your average probiotics

The majority of probiotic brands out there are for general use. But probiotics can be a lot more specialised. John Kim, Managing Director of PacificBlue Health (PBH), which produces Elementelle Probiotics+, stresses that lactic acid bacteria strains have different kinds of efficacy, depending on the type. For example, some are particularly effective with triglycerides, while others are effective for immunity.

“There are also good lactic acid bacteria for skincare,” he continues. “We combine the right lactic acid bacteria with vitamins and minerals to find the most appropriate formula by gender and age.”

John Kim, MD of PacificBlue Health, which produces Elementelle Probiotics+

Unlike other probiotic brands, the Elementelle Probiotics+ range covers not just a baseline of digestive health, but several specific focus areas. For example, those who struggle with attention and focus in today’s increasingly digital age can try Brain & Cognition, which supports mental recall, concentration and memory, with four strains of probiotics, two strains of prebiotics, and a combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B6, as well as gingko biloba and bilberry.

To support bodily changes among those entering middle age, Healthy Ageing has a formula that also includes Vitamins D and K2, magnesium and Calcium. In combination with five strains of probiotics, this purpose-built capsule supports heart health, muscle function and bone density.

Studies have shown that balanced microflora in the gut can also ease skin issues such as acne and eczema. Ironically, many anti-bacterial acne treatments diminish the healthy flora in the gut. Elementelle Probiotics+ range includes a Hair, Skin, and Nails offering packed with skin-loving additions such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), zinc and lycopene which help with collagen production, detoxification and resistance to sun exposure.

Dermatologist Dr Han explains the importance of “ingestible skincare” and probiotics for healthy, glowing skin

Immunity is top of mind for most people today, and Elementelle Probiotics+ offers Immunity Guard which supports healthy mucous membranes and mucous tissues of the respiratory tract. It does this thanks to a healthy dose of Vitamins C, A and B12, and immunity-boosting supplements such as zinc and folate.

These are just a few of the 10 offerings in the Elementelle Probiotics+ range. Other products cover immunity for kids, anxiety management, menstrual symptoms and lots else.

Proven effective, even without refrigeration

PacificBlue Health is the Australian subsidiary of Korean pharmaceutical company Chong Kun Dang (CDK), which has an 80-year reputation for rigorous testing. Even within Australia, Elementelle Probiotics+ is independently tested by third-party labs for efficacy and stability.

“We test lactic acid bacteria derived from nature in collaboration with the National Institute of Complementary Medicine and clinical research companies to verify effectiveness,” Kim explains. “Stability tests are conducted periodically during the product warranty period of two years.”

Stability is a big sticking point for probiotics. Many end up losing their effectiveness on the shelf, while others need to stay in the fridge for the bacteria to stay alive. Elementelle Probiotics+ has solved this problem thanks to the use of patented amino acid Proline and Silk Fibroin, a protein derived from silk worms. Together they form a protective coating around the capsule, and ensure the probiotics remain effective for up to two years.

Elementelle Probiotics+ takes pride in its sustainable sourcing and operations

Good for you, good for the planet

In addition to rigorous testing, Elementelle Probiotics+ is the result of premium Australian ingredients and a strong dedication to sustainability.

The company works exclusively with Australian ingredients and suppliers to support the local economy and create more jobs. Moreover, ingredients are non-GMO with vegan-friendly options. All bottles and packaging are recyclable, and the company’s production and operations are carbon-neutral.

After all, a healthy body means very little without a healthy society and a healthy planet. And Elementelle Probiotics+ aims to do its part for all three.

Elementelle Probiotics+ range is available in Singapore on Shopee, Lazada, Redmart, FairPrice as well as at  

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