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Taiwanese import Black Knight delivers a hotpot experience like none other

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Hotpot might just be Singapore’s most beloved style of dining. From affordable eateries to more upscale alternatives, there’s a hotpot joint for every budget and occasion. But just when you thought you’d slurped it all, Taiwanese brand Black Knight Hotpot has rewritten the script with its upscale venue and luxury wine list.

First opened in 2017 at MBS and now located at a sleek space in Millennia Walk, Black Knight is a stylish dining destination, replete with atmospheric lights, comfortable booth seating and floor-to-ceiling wine and sake fridges. What awaits is not a steakhouse or modern gastronomy temple, but rather a soulful Taiwanese-style hotpot restaurant with a long history.

This 50-year-old brand from Taipei is not only steeped in tradition, but also caters to modern diners with a menu of life-giving broths and premium ingredients sourced from around the globe.

Black Knight’s elegant dining room area at Millenia Walk

Soup bases like none other

Soups are critical to all hotpot restaurants, but what sets Black Knight apart is the attention to detail. The soups and broths here are simmered for several hours to coax the richness and depth of flavour from each ingredient.

Using proprietary, long-perfected recipes from Taiwan, each broth base is made fresh every day and holds its own against any double-boiled soup from the finest Cantonese establishments. It’s no surprise that the restaurant invites diners to first sample the luscious elixirs on their own before adding any ingredients to the pot. A prime example is the nourishing Fish Maw Chicken Pot, combining fish maw – known for being rich in collagen – Kampung Chicken, Dried Scallops, Cordyceps and more.

The Fish Maw Chicken Pot at Black Knight must be tried on its own before being paired with premium ingredients

Though such silky soups can stand on their own, they become truly extraordinary when enjoyed with luxurious meats and other carefully sourced ingredients. From live Brown Coral Grouper and freshly minced prawn paste (topped with tobiko), to melt-in-your-mouth Japanese A4/A5 snow wagyu and generously sliced Okinawa pork belly, Black Knight’s premium ingredients, paired with its exquisite soups, are at the heart of the restaurant’s elevated hotpot experience.

For spice lovers, the Spicy Pot may be the ideal base. Unlike traditional Sichuan mala bases that diners in Singapore may be used to, this Taiwanese-style Spicy Pot elevates the soup with a hearty beef broth accentuated with tripe, before combining it with a unique blend of spices and chillies. To balance these bold soup flavours, Black Knight recommends ingredients such as homemade fish and squid ink paste noodles, juicy pork dumplings and toothsome pillows of tofu puffs.

From premium seafood to Japanese beef and pork, the ingredients at Black Knight pair perfectly with the soup bases

Beyond hotpot: Black Knight’s signature dishes and drinks

It’s hard to believe that on top of delivering a superlative hotpot experience, the restaurant also serves up a menu of other, no less delicious signature dishes.

Opt for the Black Truffle Fried Rice, generously topped with a lobe of pan-seared foie gras and dotted with perfectly scrambled eggs, haricot verts and seasonal black truffles. Other standouts include the Fried Frog Legs with Pepper and Salt and moist Fried Pork Meatballs, perfectly crisp on the outside with a meltingly tender inside.

The food menu is one thing, but even the drinks list at Black Knight is something to dive into.  A meal here is made more memorable with the generous list of wines and sake, specially curated to complement the broths and ingredients. The staff is trained to recommend bottles that will pair perfectly with your meal.

Black Knight pairs its premium hotpot experience with high-end wines and sakes

The perfect spot for special occasions

A dining experience at Black Knight can be as simple or as luxurious as you want it to be. The staff are extremely attentive, cooking every piece of fish and meat to bring out the textures of each ingredient. There is also a plethora of sauces to accompany each pot, from the chef’s signature recipes to all-time favourites like fried garlic chips and chilli oil. Pro tip: Don’t leave things to chance – just ask the staff to mix you a signature bowl of dipping sauce for your hotpot.

More than just a spot for a friend gathering, Black Knight is also perfect for hosting memorable family reunions, business meetings and even quick lunches. In addition to the main dining room area, they have five discreet dining rooms that can be transformed for celebrations or for privacy.

These thoughtful features, coupled with an unparalleled gourmet hotpot offering, make Black Knight an experience not to be missed in Singapore’s dining scene.

One of five private dining rooms at Black Knight

Black Knight is located at #02-02/05 at Millennia Walk. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit the official website.

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