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A solution to owning a car in Singapore

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You’ve just moved to the Little Red Dot. You’ve found a place, and are comfortably settled in your new job. It’s time to start thinking about a car to get you around the city. While Singapore has excellent public transportation, nothing beats having your own set of wheels so you can explore all the nooks and crannies of your new home.

 At the same time, Singapore is the most expensive country in the world to own a car. The biggest barrier to entry is the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which grants you the right to own and use a vehicle on the island, but often runs into the high tens of thousands, on top of the cost of the car. Because the COE only lasts 10 years, the value of your car is depreciating with each passing year. On top of that, there’s all the costs involved in owning a car – from insurance premiums and road tax to petrol and parking fees.

What’s more, it’s not always easy or straightforward for foreigners to secure a personal loan. This is especially discouraging if you do not intend to remain in Singapore for the long term.

 Long-term car leasing is your best bet. You get to have your own vehicle, without expensive and bureaucratic barriers such as COE, loans, taxes and insurance. Here’s how it works.

Advantages of leasing a car

“When you lease, you don’t have to worry about insurance and taxes – just rental and gasoline,” says Michael Lim, founder of Motorway Group of Companies.

 When you lease a car with Motorway Car Rentals, you pay one flat fee each month for an all-in-one solution that ensures all the insurance costs, road tax, maintenance and repair fees are covered. This saves you the headache of comparing loan interest rates, or worrying about heavy down payments and out-of-warranty repair costs. Plus, this fee is fixed throughout the duration of your lease so it makes planning your budget that much easier.

Long-term car leases eliminate any worry about depreciation and the car’s trade-in value. Photo: Motorway Car Rentals

In addition, by leasing a car, you get to choose the length of the lease that best suits your needs. Unlike owning a car, leasing a car eliminates any worry about depreciation and the car’s trade-in value. If you’re moving out of Singapore, simply return the car at the end of your contract.

A pioneer in long-term car rentals

With over 30 years of experience specialising in short- and long-term car rental, corporate leasing as well as limousine and chauffeur-driven services, Motorway Car Rentals is the gold standard when it comes to leasing a car in Singapore. Being a long-time player in the market, they guarantee top-notch service standards and ensure the process of getting your dream car is a fuss-free one. In fact, Motorway Car Rentals prides itself on its doorstep drop off and pick up service so you can literally have the car of your dreams delivered right to your doorstep.

“Motorway Car Rentals has been around since the early ’90s, and over the years, we’ve built a loyal clientele –if there are any issues, we seek to resolve it as efficiently as possible,” Lim says. “When looking for a dealership, customers should look for one that is experienced and trustworthy.”

Motorway Car Rentals also operates a full-fledged service centre with experienced mechanics and technicians to make sure your vehicle is always well taken care of.  And during times of emergencies, the car rental offers 24/7 roadside assistance so you’ll never be left stranded without a ride. If your vehicle breaks down, Motorway Car Rentals will even deliver a replacement car to you.

Your pick of luxury vehicles

With the nitty-gritty out of the way, the only thing left to decide is which car should you get. With Motorway Car Rental’s long-term leases, you can take your pick from an extensive fleet that ranges from sedans, MPVs and SUVs to ultra-luxury cars and supercars.

Some of the exciting new car models available for lease include the Porsche 911 Targa 4S, a sleek ride that is perfect for city slickers, as well as the BMW M Series M850i Coupe 4.4 xDrive, a powerful four-door coupe to drive around the Lion City in style.

Motorway Car Rentals has an extensive fleet of luxury cars from SUVs to sedans to suit your needs. Photo: Motorway Car Rentals

If you’re an auto aficionado who loves trying out different cars, leasing offers you the opportunity to switch cars as often as you like without the costs and admin hassles of buying and selling cars. 

For more information about Motorway Car Rentals and its long-term lease services, please call +65 6466 2200 and quote “SilverKris15” for $15 off your first booking or visit the official website.

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