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Kauai snorkel locations to check out

Kauai snorkel locations to check out

Kauai has plenty of amazing water activities and snorkeling is one of the most popular. If you are a snorkel fanatic or have never tried before, but would like to, then you will be very pleased with the many locations in Kauai that are amazing for snorkeling. The following suggestions will lead you to some of the best Kauai snorkel locations and whether you are expert or novice you will truly enjoy snorkeling on Kauai.

Ha’ena Beach State Park

In the North of the island across from the dry cave and 9 miles past Princeton you will come to a great location for snorkeling. Once you arrive here you simply need to walk down the sandy beach to the right for awhile until you reach Tunnels. Here the water is flat and the reef is a considerable ways out, but it is great snorkeling and absolutely worthwhile. The best time for snorkeling here is in the summer.

Anini Beach

Anini Beach in the north of Kauai is also a great snorkel location. Take a right on Kalihawai Road just after the Big Bridge. Stay on Kalihawai Road for just a few seconds and then take a left on Anini Road and follow the road to the end. You can then head out to the beach with your snorkel gear. The beach is wide and large and the waves break far out, so you will simply need to head out a ways before you start snorkeling.

Lydgate State Park

In the East is Lydgate State Park and it lies just past the Wilua River sign if you are traveling from the north. However, if you are traveling from the airport then take Hwy. 56 and keep going until you pass the Wailua Golf Course. Then, simply turn right on Leho Road and then you will reach Lydgate State Park. If you are new to snorkeling then this is a great location to start out with. There are also BBQ pits, showers, picnic tables, and this is just a great place to enjoy the beach, snorkeling, and a cookout!

Poipu Road

In the South there are several great snorkel locations off of Poipu Road. The first is Poipu Beach Park that is across from Brennecke’s Restaurant. Here, you can enter from the right of the sandy point and just continue to the water and begin your snorkeling expedition. You will enjoy all there is to see from fish to plant life and clear water.

Another great snorkel location off of Poipu Road is Koloa Landing. To arrive here, head down Poipu Road and take a right at the fork in the road on Kapilli Road. When you reach the stop sign take another right and continue until you reach the boat landing. At Koloa Landing, enter the water and snorkel to the coastline surrounding you.

The Beach House is also an amazing snorkel location. Here you want to head towards Spouting Horn off of Poipu Road. As you are traveling look for the Beach House Restaurant. Once you reach it you simply need to park and then head to the nice bay beside the restaurant. At the Beach House you can enjoy snorkeling and seeing the many different fish that live in the bay.

Lumahai Beach State Park

Lumahai Beach State Park is in the north of the island and is about 5 miles past Princeville. When you are driving keep your eye out for a beach trail and cars parked alongside the road. Here you will encounter Lumahai Beach State Park. Simply follow the path down to the beach and get ready to snorkel. However, this is a snorkel area for more advanced snorkelers and if you are a novice then you should avoid this area for some time because it can be dangerous.

The Entire Coast

While there are a lot of specific locations where snorkeling is known to be especially great, there are also a lot of unknown snorkel areas that are still being discovered, or hidden areas that only a few people know about. So, if you are interested in snorkeling in a particular area ask about the surf, the safety, water clarity, and then give it a shot! Also, as you are snorkeling in different locations you will come across many other snorkel fans that will be happy to share some great snorkel locations with you. The entire Kauai coastline is amazing and no matter where you choose to snorkel you will certainly enjoy the underwater beauty.

You can take these Kauai snorkel tips and check out these various locations or you can look for some on your own. There are so many places to snorkel in Kauai that you can’t make one single list. These are just a few of the known areas that are great and this is a fantastic list for tourists. If you are planning a vacation to Kauai and plan on snorkeling, then print this page out so you will have the directions and suggestions for the different snorkeling locations. However, always find out about the surf, tide, any dangerous conditions that might be present, visibility, and the like. Additionally, never snorkel alone so if something goes wrong you will have help nearby.

When you travel to Kauai you will be amazed at the snorkeling locations available to you and will have fun checking off all of the different suggested locations. Consider which locations are your favorite, and why, and then add additional snorkel locations to your list. Then, you will have your very own snorkel list to keep with you to remember the vacation as well as a guide for you when you return. An additional point is that you don’t have to travel with your snorkel gear, either, unless you want to because there are plenty of places on Kauai where you can rent snorkel equipment by the day, week, or whatever time frame you want. So, don’t weigh your luggage down with snorkel gear and enjoy snorkeling Kauai!