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London Sightseeing Can Be Easy and Affordable

London Sightseeing Can Be Easy and Affordable

Whether you’re going on your first trip to London or your tenth, the city can be more than a little intimidating. After all, the greater London area covers 600 square miles! Before you go, it’s worth your while to invest some time in planning which London attractions you’d like to see, as well as exploring your transportation options.

London Sightseeing Attractions

Here are the top five “must-see” London attractions:

1. Tower of London: One of the city’s most prominent landmarks, the Tower of London is best known as a castle of imprisonment, torture, and execution – but it’s also been a Royal Palace, a fortress, and a Royal mint!

2. Kensington Palace: Although Kensington Palace was the birthplace of Queen Victoria and the primary residence of William III and Mary II, today’s it’s best known as the home of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Exhibits honoring “The People’s Princess” are a must-see.

3. London Zoo: Located in Regent’s Park, the London Zoo is home to over 12,000 animals and features exhibits including “Meet the Monkeys” and “Butterfly Paradise.”

4. Windsor Castle: The home of Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle has been the official residence of Kings and Queens for more than 900 years, making it the oldest continually occupied castle in the world.

5. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre: This faithful reproduction rests on the site of the original Globe Theatre, the backdrop upon which the Bard wrote his famous plays.

London Transportation

If you’re a London tourist, you have access to a number of trains and busses that will take you to the major London attractions. These include the London Underground trains, London busses, the Docklands Light Rail, over-ground trains, Tramlink, and the First Great Western (for travel to Windsor Castle).

A Travelcard Lets You Save Money While Sightseeing

London sightseeing can be incredibly expensive. Individually, London attractions may not charge much, but together they can quickly add up to a significant cost. Likewise, travel expenses to and from popular tourist locales can also take a bite out of your pocketbook. The money you spend on admissions and travel within London is money you won’t be able spend on accommodations, souvenirs, and meals.

If you’re a London tourist, a Travelcard is an excellent investment, especially when combined with a London Pass. At a single affordable price, the London Pass provides you with free admission to 56 London attractions – locations that normally charge for admission. Similarly, the Travelcard allows you to use busses and trains at no additional charge. These “smart cards” are like credit cards that are swiped at the entrances of attractions, busses, and trains, and that allow you free entry or passage.

In addition to cost savings, a London Pass allows you to bypass long lines and receive priority admission to all of the best London attractions. Best of all, depending on the length of your stay, you can choose to buy a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 6-day pass.

Planning ahead and taking advantage of a London Pass and Travelcard will help to make your London sightseeing trip hassle free. You’ll be able to enjoy the rich variety of attractions the city has to offer without having to spend a fortune on admission fees and transportation costs.