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Alaska – More Than Just A Block Of Ice

Alaska - More Than Just A Block Of Ice

Alaska. Talk about a place that’s gotten a bum rap. Half the world thinks it’s part of Canada and the other half thinks it’s just a big block of ice. Well, hold on to your fur coats because there is more to see and do in Alaska than you know.

For starters there’s Kenai Fords National Park. Here you can go on a sightseeing cruise to visit some glaciers and see some marine wildlife. The ship sails out of Seward. The park is just 130 miles south of Anchorage. It is made of a range of coastal mountains which slowly sink into the ocean, transforming its former glacial valleys into long fjords with rocky and steep walls. Photos just don’t do it justice. You have to see it in person.

While we’re on the subject of parks, there’s also Denali National Park & Preserve. It features North America’s highest mountain, 20,320-foot tall Mount McKinley. The park is more than 6 million acres. Now THAT is a huge park. It comes complete with a sub arctic ecosystem featuring such animals as grizzly bears, wolves, Dall sheep, and moose.

Then there’s the Alaska Sealife Center. It’s a non profit marine science facility dedicated to understanding and maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem. In other words, they’re doing everything they can to see that the fish don’t end up belly up.

Speaking of fish, if you’re into that sort of thing, there’s the Homer Spit Fishing Hole. Here you can fish for kings and silvers right off the bank of the Homer Spit.

Then there’s the Ididaride Dog Sled Tours in Seward, Alaska. Here you’ll find three generations of top-20 Iditarod racers and fourteen generations of champion sled dogs. It was founded by Dan Seavey Sr. in 1965. His oldest son Mitch took over the racing program in 1982.

For those looking to get a bit of an education there’s the UAF Institute of Marine Science Seward Marine Center which is a unit in the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. Yes, there is a lot of education in Alaska about Marine life. Considering fishing is one of their main industries it certainly makes sense. The park was established as Mt. McKinley National Park on 26 February, 1917. The original park was designated a wilderness area and incorporated into Denali National Park and Preserve in 1980. The Park was designated an international biosphere reserve in 1976.

Believe it or not, people DO have fun in Alaska. It’s not just all ice and snow. There is a nightlife that would give any city a run for it’s money.

One of the hottest spots in Alaska is “Club Oasis” located on Seward Highway. Here you’ll find live music, great drinks and no cover charge. This is where those wild Alaskans really let their hair down.

Then there’s Chilkoot Charlie’s in Anchorage, Alaska where you’ll find the famous Bird House Bar, great drinks, music, wild women and non stop fun. You can even cater private parties here.

Yes, Alaska certainly is more than just a chunk of frozen wasteland. When you’re in the neighborhood stop on by. You may not want to leave.