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Alicante Beautiful Costa Blanca City

Alicante Beautiful Costa Blanca City

Alicante, Spain is located in Eastern Spain in the southern portion of the land of Valencia. Alicante is surrounded by Murica to the south, Valencia to the north, mountains to the north and west, and the Mediterranean Sea on the east. Popular travel destinations in the Alicante province include Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Alcoy and Elche.

Alicante is the second largest city in the Valencia region. It is a popular tourist destination, particularly in the summer. About six million people visit the Costa Blanca every summer and most enter through the Alicante Airport. The city has been called the best all around city in Spain.

Weather and Climate

This area has a typical Mediterranean climate. The summers are dry and hot. The winters are temperate. There is rarely any snow at all in the coastal areas. The weather is nice in both the summer and winter, making this area a good choice for vacations at all times of the year. Spring and autumn tend to bring rain storms, so keep this in mind when choosing a time for your trip.

Accommodations and Hotels in Alicante

Hotel options are abundant in this city. There are many hotels of all kinds, from basic accommodations to luxury hotels. Compare hotels and prices on the internet or through a travel agent. If you are planning to travel to the area during peak season, be sure to plan early. Some hotels fill up quickly, so make your reservations early.

Property rental is a good alternative to a hotel for some people. If you are planning an extended stay or are travelling with children, consider renting an apartment. You may be more comfortable and feel at home in a private residence. In addition, you can save money by enjoying some meals at home, rather than in a restaurant.

Alicante Beautiful Costa Blanca City

Things to do

The beaches are the biggest draw in the summer travel season. The Costa Blanca has the longest summer season in Spain. After enjoying the sun, take a walk along the Promenade in the shade of the palm trees. Sidewalk cafes are a great place to stop for lunch during your stroll. Craftspeople from all over the world can be found along the waterfront.

Consider taking a ferry to the island of Tabarca. This small island has a colonial style village and a beautiful beach. The island is a popular spot for snorkelling. Fins and snorkels are a common sight in the waters off Tabarca.

Alicante Beautiful Costa Blanca City

If you enjoy golf, there are several courses in and around the city. Green fees range from thirty five to eighty Euros. The fees depend on the course you choose and the time of year. Make your reservations early, as some fill up quickly in the summer session

Alicante Beautiful Costa Blanca City


Alicante offers plenty of opportunities for sight seeing. Cathedrals and churches are popular sightseeing spots. The Concathedral of San Nicholas de Bari is a beautiful cathedral and home to the local Bishop. This cathedral is one of the landmarks of the city.

The Castle of Santa Barbara is one of the largest medieval fortresses in all of Europe. The original structure was built by the Moors in the ninth century and additions were made in the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. The castle overlooks the town and offers a breath taking view. The castle is rich in local history. Artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age have been discovered around the site of the castle. The castle is also home to modern art. A large collection of modern Spanish sculpture can be viewed during your visit to the castle.

There are several museums in the city for your enjoyment. The Nativity Museum is a unique place to visit. The museum contains hundreds of Nativity scenes from all around the world. Admission is free to this museum.

If you love the night life, visit the Barrio Santa Cruz. This is the old quarter of the city. The area has a medieval feeling. Bars and pubs are plentiful in this area, offering a variety of choices in the night life. Music from the clubs adds to the experience.