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The Grand Canyon State, is a unique place to raise a family. The weather in AZ is nice that one could wear shorts all year around. In fact, I do.

This is because I live in the AZ warm weather area. Arizona has many, many diverse areas that has different environmental properties. The northern part of Arizona, right around the Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, gets rain and is considerably more cooler than the southern region of the state. On the west side of the state is the lower deserts and on the river, it’s warm. Yuma, Lake Havasu City, and Parker all are hotter than Phoenix and Tucson (found in the upper desert).

This diverse climate landscape also brings with it diversity of activities. There are several ski resorts in Northern Arizona, while there are superb desert canyons in )lower area of Arizona. The west part of Arizona is complimented by the Colorado River while the east part has diverse climates and landscapes.

Because of the diversity of Arizona, there brings many different people. This is great for Arizona because, well, one type of anything can make anything bland. Talking to people you will find that most are from either California or the midwest. There is a small black population with an increasing Mexican population.

With all the diverse people from a lot of different places also brings many different values. Arizona news and talk stations on the radio exhibits this. Political views tend to swerve to the conservative side, but there is a liberal governor. We also are home to the Air America radio network, a heavily liberal based talk radio network that is sindicated throughout the country. The leading talk radio station (according to records and radio dot com) is usually 550 AM KFYI, a heavily conservative station featuring hosts such as Hannity and Limbaugh. KTAR, a FM news talk atation at 92.3, claims to be in the independent, but leans a little conservative.

Internet opinion and news forums, like, become popuar forums for those to have discussion about current news and events in the Grand Canyon State a lot going on in Arizona, you should take a road trip and see the state.

Many pro gold courses compliment the state, it’s a great place for your short-haired pets, and the crime in the rural areas is relatively low.

Arizona is a perfect place to be!