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Away From The Rat Race – Take a Vacation

Away From The Rat Race - Take a Vacation
America is full of hard-working people.  We work our hardest and try to accomplish what we can to support our families with food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, and everything else a family requires in today’s America.
We are always a bit reluctant to take a vacation because of the money and time off work, but sometimes we NEED it. Here are some great reasons to go take a vacation:
It may be mandatory. Companies make more money when they have happier, well-balanced employees.
You deserve it.  Life isn’t about work always  You need to give yourself a reward for your hard work.
Your family deserves it. On your vacation, you can really have that quality time with them that you sometimes miss out on when you work so much.
It just plain fun.  The planning, the packing and then the going is just good healthy fun.  And speaking of healthy, that brings us to the best reason of all for taking a good long vacation, which is . . .
It’s healthy to go on a vacation.  You will be mentally refreshed when you return to work.
Just as your body needs rest at night and some time away from work as you spend time with your family, friends, church or social organizations, we need a week away each year to recharge our batteries and get our energies back to go after the work world again.
In addition to the mental aspect, you will have a vast physical transformation.  You will be healthier and you will exude well-being.
Sometimes a vacation is the best thing you can do for yourself.  You’ll be more creative and mentally sharp. You’ll have a higher capacity for learning after relaxing and sight-seeing for a week.
The new, refreshed, post-vacation you will be more productive at work and home.  You’ll be mentally and physically refreshed.  You’ll be able to concentrate better and have more overall well-being.
Just starting the planning for a vacation is so much part of the fun.  Let the whole family work out the details.  You will experience a little preliminary feel of the vacation in the preparations.  The variety of vacation experiences is truly amazing.  Just to list a few you could. . .
Exotic cruises to Jamaica or the Caribbean
Theme parks in Florida and California
Beaches for swimming and relaxing
Go to a big city for shopping, cultural reasons, and exploration.
The important thing is to have fun! We all expect different things from a vacation – relaxing, shopping, golf, whatever the case may be.  Do what you feel like doing for a week, you deserve it!
In closing, vacationing is a must for most everyone who can afford it.  If nothing else, taking time off of work to enjoy some rest and relaxation keeps us in top mental readiness.  Overall, vacationing probably increases ones ability to function in a working environment more than just working the extra week or two would.