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Beautiful & Rising Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful & Rising Himachal Pradesh

Himachal an Overview

Himachal Pradesh is a relatively small state in the North West of India, partly located in the Himalayas, with a well established tourist industry catering to everyone from party heads to trekkers and all points in between. The Capital, Shimla, is the former Summer Capital of the British Raj at the time when the administration used to flee the punishing summer heat of the plains and head for the hills, and parts of Shimla still look like they could be in the home counties of England. It is a beautiful state blessed by the gods. Perhaps, nature holds an important place in the life of a typical himachali , they worship the trees, animals and rivers. Himachal pradesh has carved a distinct niche for itself in the tourism industry also. Its snowy peaks, lonely walk-a-ways provides an instant respite from battering heat of the indian summer.

The climate in the hills is comparable with that of Europe, with warm, pleasant summers and cold winters. Mountains, rivers, forests, good trekking routes, fascinating religious ceremonies and the famous Kulu Valley “Charas” (hashish) are some of the reasons for Himachal’s popularity as a tourist destination, for foreign backpackers as well as Indian tourists. Since the onset of the troubles in Kashmir, Himachal has gained huge popularity with the Bollywood film industry, as the obligatory mountain location of choice without which few Hindi movies are incomplete.

Dharamsala, once proposed by Lord Elgin as the Raj summer capital, is now home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile, drawing Buddhist practioners and the spiritually curious in droves all year round. The state is also now a major centre for electricity generation, with many hydro electric projects in various stages of completion. People of the hill state are extremely friendly and it is rare to experience any hassle.

Places of attraction in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal pradesh provides an exquisite blend of historical panaroma, adventure and thrill at places like Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dalhousie, Chamba, Kangra, Kufri. Honeymooners love to throng about the intimate pleasures at princely palaces in Chail and Rajgarh.

Himachal Rising

It has second highest litracy rate in India. Himachal has garnished its image of “a state withstrong economy ” from a begging state of 1970’s. Now, it is gleaming in all the avenues of growth like Tourism, IT, Manufacturing and Pharma. It has propelled itself among the top five tax earner for Central Government of India. Now, himachali’s are also contributing a major part in the national growth.

Himachal is no more a secluded land or tribal place it used to be in past. Since last decade due to some aggresive measures taken by respective govt’s of state, it has been fully uploaded to comepete the modern world. Himachal is destined to achieve high growth rate in future: With its well connected network of roads, telecommunication and immense education opportunities. A new IT park has been slated to be developed in shimla, baddi and parwanoo are manufacturing hubs of state. Himachal government is inviting more companies by providing lucrative parleys like tax benefits, concessional land prices and transportation.These are the backbones of emerging industrial revolution.

In the recent steps to promote the tourism industy the government of Himachal Pradesh under the directive of Honourable Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh, assigned Shoghi Communication to integrate the Tourism Ministry site with the On-Line Hotel reservation system (SHOGHI-OHRS). All the hotels subscribing to this system shall be able to achieve the extra ordinary reach to showcase their facilities to the Global Tourist. The tourist from all over the world would be able to get their booking done while sitting at home and get confirmation on the spot for all major private hotels besides the government hotels of Himachal Pradesh through the company site

Outlining Himachal Pradesh

This natural and cultural richness of the State coupled with its simple peace loving people and traditional hospitality makes the State a most favoured tourist destination