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Best Mountain Hiking Trails In The World

Best Mountain Hiking Trails In The World

Mountain hiking is an outdoor activity that makes tourists take a trip back and be intimate with nature. Whether in Asia, the Alps, or the Rocky Mountains, it offers the same chills and thrills for outdoor travelers.


The best mountain hiking spots in Asia takes you to the different hill tribes where you can meet the indigenous people. A trip to Thailand’s Erawan National Park will allow you to view the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. Outdoor travelers can find several tribal villages in Erawan which immerses the travelers to the different cultures in Asia.

Best Mountain Hiking Trails In The World

The BA BE Village is a mountain hiking spot in Asia found in the region bordering Vietnam and China. Along with the mountain hiking trip, you can also take a shot cruise through the BA BE Lake. This trip will also take you to the pristine forests as you see different herbal medicines that the natives use. At the end of the trail, you will encounter different hill tribes to give you a rewarding experience. The best feature of this spot is that you can also experience bicycle rides which is a local tradition.


The spots in Europe are known for unspoiled nature, lots of flowers, and following the trails for a mountain hike to the Alps.

The Sumava Mountains in Czech Republic is a pristine spot that features rolling hills and pure rivers. This trail was once a no man’s land for the past 40 years. As a national park, the hiking trail will take you nowhere near a human settlement. However, the horses here will delight you.

Best Mountain Hiking Trails In The World

The smallest alpine mountain in the world can be found in Poland. The alpine mountain hike will lead you to easy walks and challenging trails. Its small size allows you to view the different medieval castles giving this trail a historic touch. Aside from castles, it also has olden churches, and different palaces to remind tourists of an almost serene past.

Further west to Slovenia, you will encounter different trails for different mountain hikers. The mountain peaks found at the Julic Alps has easy hiking trails where you can find some swimming spots. This combines a challenging yet relaxing experience for outdoor travelers looking to see the top of Eastern Europe.


The most popular trail in America is of course their greatest mountain range. The Rocky Mountains is mapped out for different trails for various levels of mountain hikers and outdoor travelers.

Best Mountain Hiking Trails In The World