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Bouillon Tourist Information

Bouillon Tourist Information

Bouillon is a city that is situated in the province of Luxembourg, in the western section of Belgium. A small city and part of the Neufchateau district, Bouillon has a relatively small population numbering just over 5,000 individuals. Yet, the small population of the city can be somewhat deceiving, Bouillon is a city that offers plenty of things to do see and enjoy.

Bouillon is located very near the French border and is surrounded by Ardennes. Filled with incredible castle structures, and many historical sites to see, the city of Bouillon draws thousands of tourists each year. The city of Bouillon is also the location where Godfrey of Bouillon first left for the Crusades in 1095. Further, the city of Bouillon was, at one time, under the rulership of the French specifically King Louis XIV in 1676. Later, the city would become part of Belgium in the eighteen century.

Castles, museums, beer breweries, and recreational activities are all easily accessible to guests in Bouillon. In fact, if guests visit Bouillon at the right time of year, they can take in all of the recreational activities that are offered on an annual basis in Bouillon. The city of Bouillon offers a carnival every March, a Trout Festival every April; Falconry demonstrations between the months of April and August; a Medieval Weekend during the month of August; a Craft Fair in September; and a mountain biking expedition in September.

Places of interest:

Bouillon houses a number of sites of historical interest. The Archeoscope is filled to the brim with edifying exhibits: exhibits that will reveal the true history of Bouillon, from its early beginnings to the present day. Further, within the Archeoscope, travellers can view scale models of the existing fortifications within the city of Bouillon and neighbouring France. The Archeoscope is often the first site visited by travellers the historical education provided by the location readies the traveller for other site seeing adventures within the city.

Alternatively, travellers may also want to see the Ducal Museum, housing exhibits pertaining to the First Crusade to the present. English speaking, guided tours are offered at the Ducal Museum, and guests can take in the breath-taking sixteenth and seventeenth century architecture that this museum is famous for. Ultimately, the Ducal Museums is a source of historical exploration that the entire family can easily enjoy.

Of course, travellers seldom leave Belgium before sampling its world famous beer or visiting one of its breweries. While staying in Bouillon, travellers can tour the Le March de Nathalie, the city s single brewery; a brewery that brews well over 300 varieties of Belgium beer. Travellers are given the opportunity to sample some of Belgium s finest brews at the Le March de Nathalie.

Things to do:

The annual Falconry Demonstration that is offered between the months of April and August is called the Ballet de Rapaces. Offered three times daily, the Falconry Demonstration is a perk of visiting the Castle in Bouillon. The times for the Falconry Demonstration are set at 11:30 am, 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm respectively. Each show lasts approximately hour, just a short time for travellers to see the beautiful falcons and their abilities.

Alternatively, many tourists find that they are drawn to the medieval architecture of Bouillon and such travellers may enjoy seeing the Chateau Fort. The Chateau Fort was established in the late 900 s and was formerly owned by Godfrey of Bouillon. The Chateau Fort houses long, vast corridors, and dark dank dungeons for traveller exploration and the medieval charm of the Fort is truly unforgettable. Adults and children find the Chateau Fort incredibly interesting, and the guided tours especially the nocturnal tours where guides walk tourist through the castle with lighted torch in hand serve as an incredibly memorable experience. The Chateau Fort is accessible from 10 am to 6:00 pm and the cost of admission is nominal: 5.20 Euro and 3.50 Euro for children and adults respectively.

Food & Drink:

Travellers can enjoy a fine dining experience at the La Vieille Ardenne on Grand Rue, a caf and restaurant that proudly offers catering facilities to the residents of Bouillon. The La Vieille Ardenne has an outdoor veranda and travellers can sit on the terrace while sampling one of Belgium s famous beers. Alternatively, the Auberge du Panaroma situated at Au dessus de la Ville 23 serves a fine selection of French cuisine, and is open every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Those travellers looking for fantastic Italian entrees can please their palate at La Rocca; located at rue du Petit 19 in Bouillon. La Rocca is open every day except for Monday and offers its guest live entertainment while they dine. Children s menus are available at La Rocca and the dining facility is handicapped accessible.

Meanwhile, travellers looking for a taste of Belgian cuisine will find precisely what they desire at La Baratin, located at Rue des Augustins 12. Open everyday of the week, except for Mondays and Tuesdays, La Baratin offers the best in Belgian dining. Popular entrees among travellers include frites, Flemish cabbage, Flemish Stew, mussels and chips, and a dessert consisting of Belgium s famous chocolates can finish off any meal. Again, beer, including the fruity, flavored variety is available in many cafes and restaurants throughout Belgium


Bouillon is a suitable city for those travellers looking to partake in outdoor recreations. From hiking to cycling, from kayaking to mountain biking, Bouillon is a prime destination for the outdoor enthusiast. Travellers can engage in motor biking through the Ardennes or travellers can take advantage of canoeing adventures on the River Ambleve or on the River Ourthe, as well as other rivers in Belgium. There are a number of kayaking tour guides available thorough Belgium and they are skilled guides ready to help travellers make the most of their adventures while staying in Bouillon and other regions of Belgium.

Meanwhile, those travellers that love nothing more than a good shopping excursion can really enjoy all of the flea markets and outdoor markets strewn throughout the Belgium countryside. Many German antiques can be purchased at flea markets and the like, and travellers may be pleasantly surprised by the incredible deals they find while shopping in Bouillon. In the end, Bouillon poses appeal to every traveller; both children and adults alike. Bouillon offers entertainment and fun for everyone. With its rich history, site seeing opportunities, fine dining selections and recreational pursuits, Bouillon makes and ideal place to visit or live in.