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Calling All Meeting Planners! Aruba’s Gorgeous Beaches, Luxury Resorts, And Tax Incentives Make It An Irresistible Choice.

Calling All Meeting Planners! Aruba’s Gorgeous Beaches, Luxury Resorts, And Tax Incentives Make It An Irresistible Choice.

Aruba is more than just picture perfect beaches, beautiful weather and an oasis of relaxation. It’s now one of the best places in the world to hold a business meeting, convention or other corporate function. Why? The U.S. Treasury Department announced that the United States and Aruba signed the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between the two countries. How would this be of interest to event and meeting planners? Because conducting meetings on Aruba will now be exactly like having meetings in the United States, in terms of tax benefits. That’s right; U.S. taxpayers can claim tax deductions for all expenses associated with meetings, seminars and conventions held in Aruba. As a result, Aruba now becomes the ninth significant offshore financial center to sign such an agreement with the United States.

So, why did this agreement happen in the first place? Well, besides the economic benefit that Aruba will no doubt enjoy from the increased business, there are a few other good reasons:

• It’s an example of goodwill between the U.S. and Aruba

• Helps to ensure that no safe haven exists for funds associated with illicit activities, including terrorism, money laundering and tax evasion.

• Serves as a pledge to maintain the confidence of honest taxpayers, and the fairness of the tax systems in the two countries’ dealings.

“Aruba is extremely optimistic about the Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the United States and the fact that for tax purposes, having a meeting in Aruba is now just as easy as one in United States,” said Minister of Tourism and Transportation Edison Briesen. “We hope that the TIEA and the availability of brand-new tax incentives for the group and meetings/incentives markets will make Aruba even more of a desirable destination.”

Why Else Should You Plan Your Next Business Function in Aruba?

• Many great hotels and resorts, offering every amenity needed, including:

• Renaissance Island, a 40-acre private island for business events

• The Island boasts an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, is pleasantly cooled by the near constant trade winds and receives very little rain.

• Easy customs process: Some say its like they weren’t entering a foreign country

• Lots of entertainment, dining and Casino choices

• World class golf at Tierra del Sol: An 18-hole championship course, designed by the world-renowned Robert Trent Jones, Jr

• The North Shore: Check out the interesting and undeveloped moonscape of Aruba’s north shore. It’s a great place for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

• Oranjestad for great shopping, including emeralds!

• Incredible Dining! Aruba has a distinct culinary power

• The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere, and English is spoken universally

The Final Word

If you’re a meeting or event planner, Aruba definitely needs to be highly considered. Where else can you enjoy all the diverse experiences of an island paradise and then receive tax benefits as well? If one thing is true, it’s that Aruba has a dizzying array of things to do: the action is nonstop both day and night.

When is the time to come to Aruba? Anytime! The temperature is relatively constant and there is no point in the year that regularly receives inclement weather. While the high season spans from January through March, expect to find lighter crowds and exceptional deals on lodging from April through December.