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Camping in the Costa Tropical, Andalucia

Camping in the Costa Tropical, Andalucia

Andalucia is not just a region in Spain but it is a package that offers memorable holidays. This region of the world is known as Costa Tropical and as a tourist you can enjoy the best of everything this region has to offer. There are plenty of adventure activities to satisfy the wandering soul and one of the recently popular activities is camping Imagine spending a night out in the heart of the wilderness in a camp where sleep will be disturbed by the sound of the passing wind or the cacophony of the brotherhood of wolves.

In fact, off late due to the large number of tourists and expats in Andalucia, camping has become more and more popular. The truth is that it has evolved over the years from being a drinking tea from thermos and sleeping in cotton tents to having state-of-the-art individual zipper tents that can help you survive the freezing temperatures of the Sierra Nevada. Today camping is considered a trendy alternative that offers freedom and adventure.

Camping is for the adventure at heart, free-spirited, travelers who like to make their own trails and leave footsteps behind. It is becoming increasingly popular with youngsters because of the numerous possibilities in Costa Tropical. Camping doesn t just mean parking your self in tented accommodation in the forests of Spain or on the edge of a cliff but there are many more facets attached to this activity. Camping will also include everything from preparing meals in a stove to waking up to the sound of birds.

Costa Tropical presents some of the best places for camping because of the spectacular vistas, the stunning landscapes that vary from region to region. You will find camping grounds on the cliff tops, rolling countryside, mountains, close to the river basin, beaches, at the edge of gorges and in the woodlands. Camping is the best way to get up close to nature and the myriad of hues that nature has to offer. This is the cheapest accommodation available but is also considered as one of the best because you can park your tent almost anywhere. Camping is the best option for trekkers and mountaineers who end up travelling to places far from civilization.

Registered camp sites in Andalucia

There are around 200 registered camping sites spread across the length and breadth of Costa Tropical. They have been divided into three categories called the 1st, 2nd and 3rd depending on the facilities available nearby. Most of the camp sites in this region are open in the summers.

The 3rd category of camping grounds normally will have basic amenities like toilets and showers. The 2nd category is a little on the luxurious side and will have a bar, cafeteria, swimming pool and telephone. The 1st category of camping grounds will have everything from money exchange facility to children’s play area, and even TV.

In the wild

Apart from the official camping grounds, you can also opt for sleeping in the wild in parts of rural Andalucia. There are several national parks where you can camp although it will be far from a luxurious and comfortable setting. There are some places in the wild where you might need to take prior permission from the authorities. The truth is that there is nothing compared to camping in the wild with the bonfire to keep you warm.