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Carlisle, Pennsylvania: An Unique Vacation Destination

Carlisle, Pennsylvania: An Unique Vacation Destination

I had the great pleasure of being able to recently visit a small town located in about the middle of the State of Pennsylvania. This town is full of spirit and has its own personality that makes it very unique and alive. This town is Carlisle, Pa. It is a beautiful and historic, with proud residents. The downtown area is the heart of Carlisle, full of antique shops, art galleries, chic shops, many modern lodging facilities, a performing arts center, and, many fine restaurants.

The community is very diverse and expanding culturally, intellectually and socially. It has 3 colleges and boasts its award winning schools. I understand from the local residents that in last few years the town began to decline, but much progress is being made to return the town to through a massive renovation program, with the city fathers and residents working together to achieve their goals. Carlisle is now presenting itself to everyone as a unique and beautiful historic and interesting town once again.

People come here from all over, for many reasons. It has become a destination for the local areas and, being just a couple of hours drive from many local upscale communities, Carlisle is experiencing a renewed economic boom with its businesses and shops drawing people from throughout the central Pennsylvania area. Additionally, Carlisle s fine lodging in its downtown allows visitors to take in not only Carlisle but surrounding historic and scenic areas.

Located only minutes from Harrisburg, Hershey, Gettysburg, and Lancaster, and just two hours from Philadelphia and Washington D.C, Carlisle is but a short drive away, but a world apart.

Founded in 1751 as the county seat, Carlisle was the largest and wealthiest town in Cumberland County. When walking through this wonderful community, you can t help but notice the little things that make Carlisle special. Even in past times, there were writings of the special qualities and uniqueness of the town. The streets of the town are straight and there are many genteel houses wrote Johann David Schoepf in 1783. Almost all [the houses are] built of stone.. wrote M. St. Jean DeCrevecoeur in 1787. He continued; the houses, instead of adjoining one another, are separated either by an orchard or by a garden or a barn, often by all three. Abraham Steiner, on his way to survey lands in Ohio in 1789, described Carlisle as a beautiful little town The town has about 350 handsome and for the most part two-story houses, most of which are built of handsome blue limestone The Court House is not large, but handsome, the prison small and the Market good. There are three churches a college, and two English schools

Today, the special qualities and uniqueness of Carlisle of past continues to intrigue residents and visitors.