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Everything Italian

Everything Italian

I have had many opportunities to travel in the past few years. I am grateful for each chance I have had to see new parts of the world and to learn from cultures and people that are different from me. There are valuable things to be gained from all cultures, but I have fallen in love with all things Italian.

I have never been somewhere as magical and wonderful as Italy. There is something special about that country that cannot be understood until it is experienced. I spent almost a month there and walked away with a deep love for everything Italian.

The first and most obvious Italian thing to love is the food. Never have I tasted more delightful food than Italian. I guess because I have always loved pasta and I cannot get enough tomato. I had a month filled with amazing Italian meals. Some were cooked by experienced Italian chefs and others were cooked by grandmothers of my Italian friends. It didn’t seem to matter who was in the kitchen, though, because each meal was wonderful. I even took a few Italian cooking lessons while I was there, and they have done wonders for my own abilities in the kitchen. My family loves it that I have finally learned to cook something other than chicken.

I also love the Italian language. I didn’t learn much of it myself, but just being around it for a month was a great thing for my ears. I love the sound of Italian and the way it rolls of the tongue of the speaker. It is definitely a romantic sounding language. I was determined to take some Italian language classes when I returned home, but my life got back to busy within weeks and my dreams of learning Italian are on the backburner once again.

I love everything about the way that Italians do family. They share a joy of being together unlike I have seen in any other country. Italian families are big, too, and that makes everything more fun. I love the way Italians take every chance they get to celebrate. Meals turn into three hour long celebrations and they are filled with laughter and joy.

If you ever get the chance to visit Italy, take it. It is an experience worth having. I’m confident that you will fall in love with all things Italian. You will find yourself eating great food, immersed in a great language and making room in your busy schedule for more time there. Everything Italian is truly worth experiencing and enjoying.