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Floating Honeymoon Havens

Floating Honeymoon Havens

Color-drenched sunsets. Magical moonlit walks along the ship’s decks. Gazing out into the ocean and whispering words of love to your new spouse. Nothing is more romantic than a cruise. Honeymooners can have their choice of destinations and decide if they want to participate in all of the ship’s activities or just join in a few and spend the rest of time in bed!

The great thing about taking a cruise for the honeymoon is the all-inclusiveness of the ship. Entertainment, food, lodging, activities … all are part of the cruise price, something that a couple would not find at any land-locked resort. After spending a lot of money on the wedding of their dreams, newlywed couples find that a cruise not only satisfies their need to celebrate in some exotic or dream destination, but that it is also affordable. Newlyweds can just kick back and relax by the pool or sleep late. There are no time tables to keep on board the ship. They can go dancing at night or enjoy some live entertainment. It is their time to do whatever they want.

Cruise ships literally sail the seven seas. Name a destination (it would have to be near an ocean of course!) and a cruise ship can probably get there. Whether the happy couple wants share a towel on one of the black sandy beaches of Hawaii, climb the ruins of ancient Mexican cities or give each other Eskimo kisses on an Alaskan cruise, they can find the cruise of their dreams.

During the wedding and reception, their internal switch is stuck in the “on” position. After the wedding is over, the newlyweds need some time to wind down. The ocean breeze and ocean air soothes even the weariest of souls. Just watching the land disappear from the horizon as you set sail, gives you the feeling that you are leaving your worries behind.

Many honeymoon cruise packages are tailored for romance. Champagne and glasses in your cabin, breakfast in bed, flowers and gourmet nibbles are just a few of the perks you can receive as honeymooners. Other extras include his and her massages, special receptions just for honeymooners and a dedicated table for two in the dining room. Brides may also get complimentary sessions with a hair stylist and make-up artist so that she can look spectacular for her new husband.

Some cruise lines provide you with a choice of special shore excursions at one of their ports of call. If the newlyweds decide to go on one of those shore excursions, there is snorkeling in the crystal waters of the Caribbean or swimming in a private lagoon. Of course, they could also just meander through the streets of one of the many exotic ports at their own pace, experiencing the local culture.

Brides and grooms, paradise is close at hand. You can have the ultimate honeymoon by booking a cruise. Leave your worries on land (along with the in-laws) and set sail into your own world of wedded bliss.