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Galveston Cruises

Galveston Cruises

Nothing resembling the Galveston cruise port that exists today harbored ships coming to Galveston in the year 1900. Much of that old port washed away during the unnamed hurricane that blew ashore in early September of that year. Motivation for creation of a new port (and an entire new city) became evident on September 9, 1900, the day following that storm.

The bells of the Ursuline Convent sounded on that day. Travelers on present day cruises from Galveston, Texas might want to listen for sounds similar to the sounds made by those tolling bells. Then perhaps they could imagine the sounds of those bells being carried over a part of Galveston harbor. The travelers would, of course, need to realize that the Galveston Cruise Terminal did not exist back in September of 1900.

In fact, only a fraction of the buildings in Galveston remained standing after that September storm had pounded on the Galveston shores. At least 1600 homes had to be rebuilt by the residents who stayed in Galveston after September 9, 1900. Yet the challenge of rebuilding did not drive people out of Galveston, To the contrary, volunteers from Houston came to Galveston in order to aid the rebuilding efforts.

Those Houston visitors did not get much of a reward for their efforts. They could not leave the rebuilt City on a Galveston cruise line. No one could offer the Houston guests tickets for a discount cruise. Galveston extended whatever hospitality it could, but that hospitality had its limits. During the rebuilding, the City had been filled with pumps, sludge, stench, canals and long catwalks.

The work of those volunteers, combined with that of the City residents, laid the framework for a new City. Today that City frequently harbors a Carnival cruise line. Galveston residents can stand on the dock and watch the cruises departing Galveston. In addition, the rebuilt City has attractions that draw ships into Galveston harbor.

On repeated occasions, the ship coming into the City harbor has been a Galveston cruise line. The occupants on that ship were thus returning from a Galveston Texas cruise. They returned to a city where the residents felt prepared for whatever nature might send their way.

Today the residents of Galveston relish the chance to show-off their rebuilt City. They take pride in the fact that their City has been chosen as a stopping point for Carnival cruises. The residents of Galveston understand the extent to which cruises out of Galveston, TX help to swell the coffers of the government treasury.

Maybe the residents participating in the rebuilding efforts appreciated the financial benefits expected in Galveston. Maybe they saw that what the sea can take away it can also return.