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Go Scuba Diving In Maui

Go Scuba Diving In Maui

Do you want to see a side of Maui like never before? Check out the beautiful island of Maui from a different view- underwater! There are many places in Maui where you can go scuba diving even if you have never been before. You can go on a guided tour, learn from an instructor or rent equipment if you don’t have your own. Below is more information about snorkeling and scuba diving in Maui.

Diving Trips

There are many different diving trips for you to choose from if you are staying in Maui. Many places offer small group SCUBA trips to at least two different destinations on each day of the week. Set out with other divers on a fully-equipped dive boat and enjoy comfortable seating and amenities (such as a bathroom) while you travel to your dive location.

There are knowledgeable crew members and diving instructors that can help you no matter what your level of experience and most dives are very affordable. If you are concerned with price, you might also look into package deals to save you money or go with a group.

There are also many specialty diving opportunities such as diving in caves or caverns. There are special excursions you can take with a professional tour guide to show you sights you probably never dreamed of before.

If you are a novice diver or if you are in a party with snorkelers, then you might want to take a different boat trip or tank dive trip. You will have to contact facilities that offer these to find out all the details. There are also many introductory dives and diving courses for you if you are new to the underwater world.

Snorkeling Trips

In addition to scuba diving, you might want to try snorkeling. There are many places that let you view gorgeous coral reefs and much more as well as the many exotic underwater living creatures of the Hawaiian Islands. Set out on a boat with many other snorkelers whether it’s your first time or you’ve been doing it forever. Head out to a nice snorkeling location such as a coral reef and friendly, knowledgeable crew will help you even if you have never done this before. There are “boogie boards” available to help you while moving through the water.

Even if you have been snorkeling before, you have likely never seen it like it is in Maui so it is well worth the time to go for at least one day and check it out. Snorkeling usually costs around $50 a day per person but you will have to call actual facilities since prices are subject to change. There are also group deals and discounts that you may be eligible for as well if you call and check into it.

Diving Courses

If you don’t know how to dive, you might want to look into getting some instructions first before you set out to go on a dive with people that know what they are doing. There are also many places that offer diving courses for those of you that may not have even been diving before. You can take classes on all the details of diving as well as go out on a boat with an instructor that will show you exactly how to do everything properly and safely.

If you are looking to find out exact pricing and diving schedules for different resorts and facilities, you will have to call them to find out all of the details. Equipment rentals can vary in pricing according to exactly what you need and what company you go through so you have to call to find out for sure. There are some places in Maui that offer trips and equipment that have their information available online and this may make it easier for you to plan ahead for your trip and find which location you want to use.

If you are going to be in Maui for vacation, you really need to take at least one day to go scuba diving or snorkeling and see the amazing underwater world in person for yourself. You might even want to take along an underwater camera to remember your adventure.

You can check into pricing, dive days and times as well as what certifications they have and what comes in their deals to help choose the one that suits your needs the best.