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Hawaii Vacation In February? Don’t Miss These Local Events.

Hawaii Vacation In February? Don’t Miss These Local Events.

If you are traveling to Hawaii in February, here are a few annual local events for you to consider adding to your itinerary.

When you are on the Big Island make a stop at Hilo, home of The Hilo Mardi Gras. Also known as The “Hula Capital of the World”, Hilo loves to put on a parade. This is their annual New-Orleans style parade, festival and party all wrapped in one. The streets are full of elaborately costumed dancers, festive music and local foods.

One of the longest running events in Hawaii is the Punahou School Carnival. This annual Honolulu event is a high school fundraiser that started in 1932 and now it attracts upwards of 50,000 people. The carnival is known for its local delicacies that includes malasadas, Hawaiian plates, Portuguese bean soup and gyros. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the local Hawaiian culture.

Visit the spot in Waimea, Kauai, where famous explorer Captain James Cook first landed in Hawaii. The Captain Hook Festival commemorates the event with entertainment, canoe races, games, and food. The highlight is the mini-marathon race.

The Carole Kai Bed Race brings participants from all over the world to race down the streets of Lahania in Maui, Lihue in Kauai and Honolulu in Oahu. This two-day fundraising event feature wildly costumed bed-racers for the amusement of over 100,000 onlookers.

Watch top rated longboard surfers in the two-day Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic at Makaha Beach, Oahu. This is traditional Hawaiian surfing, long boarding, and canoe-surfing.