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Historic Hotels in Barcelona

Historic Hotels in Barcelona

Among the many sights and tastes and sounds of the city of Barcelona in Spain, there are some luxurious historical hotels to compliment your stay. Your tour of Barcelona does not have to stop at the steps of your hotel. A historical hotel could make your vacation more complete.
Barcelona has been dubbed La Gran Encisera – the Great Enchantress. With its medieval romantic style, it’s hustle and bustle and the history and art; it’s a great destination spot for travelers.
Many of the historic hotels are located in the Gothic Quarter, a stretch of streets with a romantic gothic style, making the hotels’ locations convenient to sight seeing areas.
Tip to a Better Rate in a Historic Hotel in Barcelona
If you find yourself in Barcelona in a time that it is not busy and your hotel is not so full, you can usually bargain for a better rate. Business travelers can often get up to forty percent off the suggested price. Talk with the hotel attendants; don’t be afraid to ask for a discount.

Suggested Historic Hotels in Barcelona

While there are many beautiful historic hotels in Barcelona, one of the most convenient ones is the Hotels Condes De Barcelona. With over 150 guest rooms, each with an avant-garde style, the hotel is uniquely situated in a historic Nouveau building. The artistic beauty is astounding and each piece inside the hotel is customized specifically for the hotel. Located in the center of the city, it offers the convenience of public transportation for guests and is within walking distance to some of the city’s most popular destinations.
Another grand hotel is the Hotel Gotico. The deluxe hotel is a short distance from El Prat Airport, it is located in the heart of the city center and the Town Hall and the Palice of Autonomic Government. With it’s location right in the middle of the commercial district, a traveler will find everything they could want to see near by. With renovated soundproofed rooms, you’ll get a good night of sleep and the history of the hotel will keep the adventure of visiting Barcelona alive. Ask for a complimentary tour or ask about suggestions of sights to see in the city. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.
For a moderate priced hotel, the Mesón Castilla offers a Castilian fascia. For the best atmosphere this small hotel offers a convenient position to shops. It offers attractive views of the city and modest sized rooms. Its antique filled interior offers a history of its own.

How to Pick the Right Historic Hotel in Barcelona

When you travel to Barcelona, picking the right hotel for you may be important. If you are going to be in Barcelona for a short while, it would be better to select one that is closer to the areas of the city you plan to see. Having your hotel closer to your sightseeing destinations makes it convenient to get there and back from your hotel.
If you plan to stay longer and see much more of Barcelona, you might consider reservations at two hotels, one on one side of the city for the first part of your trip and another hotel on the latter part and on the other side of the city. This lets you enjoy two different hotels within the tourist areas of Barcelona, making it even more enjoyable.
For more historic hotel suggestions, contact your travel agent or visit Turisme de Barcelona.