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Holiday Making On Turkey’s Southern Coast

Holiday Making On Turkey's Southern Coast

Turkey’s geopolitical developments have always attracted the outside world to its doorsteps. Having got ruled during the ancient periods by some famous empires of those times, the land continues on being a hub for geopolitical activities even today. With negotiations being on for its merger with the European Union, the region is bound to have a sway on the world politics for many years to come now. No doubt Turkey is known today as one of the most sought after tourist destinations across the globe. The blend of its historical past, modern-day Islam and the beautiful sand-beaches make Turkish holiday making a worthwhile experience.

The 1600 km long stretch of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, also called Turquoise Coast, requires special mention in this context. It offers unparalleled sand-beaches and an advanced tourism infrastructure for the travelers to have leisurely outings. Scenic remains of several ancient towns make your vacationing on this stretch fairly memorable. Room bookings can be made in one of many world-class hotels and resorts in advance. Besides, the water is saltier and warmer compared to what you may encounter on the Black Sea coast.

There is a parallel running mountain range across this coastline, called Taurus Mountain Range, that steeply drops inside the sea water on several places. Rivers have washed down enough sediments over the ages though, to form fertile lands and the sand filled shores for man’s requirements. There are several known tourist places on this Southern coast that any traveler might choose to visit and stay at. These start with Bodrum and Marmaris in the far West to Adana and Antakya in the extreme East in a list of many. Mersin, a key port town and the capital of Icel province does also get known as one among these. It is situated in the eastern sector of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline facing Cyprus.

Although, there are many better tourist spots available for vacationing other than Mersin in Turkey, the nature of hotel accommodation and the self-serving properties is far superior in the case of the latter. With an estimated one million population, this port city is a key for shipments to and from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Ground access to Mersin can easily be made through a four lane highway from Mersin East to Adana and Osmaniye. Self-serving apartments, fitted with the latest household facilities and gadgets can be hired for vacationing by the travelers on reasonable rates. You can safely decide to make this town your base camp therefore, while planning out your Turkish vacationing.

Modern Turkey gets applauded for its blend of Western Islam. It also gets recalled for some of the best historical remains one could find anywhere in the world. There is a great deal of traveling possible while visiting many of these archaeological sites and historical places. One may not deny the fact that Turkey has close bonds with the Muslim world due to a common religion, but it has a highly westernized lifestyle at the same time. Those traveling to Turkey will find this aspect of its life appealing. And to add to this traveling bonanza, the Turkish cuisine and hospitality will be of world class, making your stays unparalleled.