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Hotel in central rome

Hotel in central rome



As with all holiday accommodation, the golden rule of ‘cheaper out, nicer in’ applies to Rome – That is to say, you can save a lot of money by choosing a hotel in central Rome, but it’s much more fun to be staying right in the middle of the city – You catch more of the atmosphere that way.
However, public transport in Rome is incredibly cheap and quite efficient, so it’s not such a hardship to ‘commute’ into central Rome from a hotel or ‘pensione’ (bed & breakfast) on the outskirts of the city. If you decide to do this, obviously you should make sure before you book that your hotel accommodation is situated close to a subway station or major bus route. By major, we mean one that goes straight to the heart of the city without you needing to change buses two or three times.
If you opt for an hotel located in central Rome, it is very well worth paying extra for a room with a view, at least four or five floors up, as, unlike many cities, Rome is devastatingly beautiful when seen in panorama from above, and this will add tremendously to the value of your holiday. Even if you can’t get a room with a view, some hotels have roof gardens with spendid views across the city center of Rome.

Italian hotels and pensiones will require your passport when you check in, and they’ll hang on to it for a day or two because they are required by law to register your presence with the police, in accordance with visitors and non-national residential laws. Eventually they’ll give it back to you, but try to avoid needing your passport for anything else during your first 48 hours; (so, for example try to change your money or hire your car before you check in to your hotel).
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