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Inverness hotels – The gateway to Heaven

Inverness hotels – The gateway to Heaven

Inverness set on the banks of the river Ness is the only city and the capital of the Scottish Highlands. Lying at the north end of the great Glen, Scotland’s fifth city, Inverness lies on the nerve line of communication across the Highlands for the past 20 centuries, being the gateway to the northern Scotland. It is the centre of Commerce, communication and administration for a large geographical area with a population of 51,000 (2001). Inverness is well connected by bus, train and air links from all directions.

Owing to the rich past of Scotland, Inverness consists of a medieval street network, and a few scattered remains of the glorious architecture and buildings of the yesteryears. Most of the buildings that stand today are from the 19th century and the present architecture can be found towards the south of the city that extends to Beauly Firth.

Inverness was granted its city status by the Queen in December 2000, and celebrated the new found status in March 2001. Today, Inverness is considered the fastest growing city in Western Europe. Most health conscious people find Inverness to be a favored destination due to the peace and natural ambience it offers and prefer to migrate here in search of it. Many new housing estates are coming up to the west of the city and tourism and healthcare contribute mostly to its economy.

Inverness, as a favored tourist destination has many a sights to offer and has been promoted recently as a wedding, banquet and conference destination. The most favored accommodation by tourists is the hotels in Inverness. As a result many hotels adorn the city’s streets. Almost all of them offer the best amenities in Inverness.

Many hotels serve as conference venues for meetings, seminars and other conference of big companies. The serene and natural ambience of Inverness in contrast to the hustle and bustle of normal city life helps people relax and makes learning efficient.. Many people are known to have had their weddings at Inverness and the hotels serve as the best hosts for wedding guest and the hosts alike. Wedding services offered by Inverness hotels as banquet venues or wedding reception venues are absolutely wonderful. Added to this is the natural ambience that lends the all important romantic feeling to the newly wed.

Many hotels also offer tours and travel in and around Inverness. The favored destinations include the Culloden Battlefield, Fort George Military Museum, Cawdor Castle (MacBeth fame), Tomatin Whisky Distillery and Loch Ness (Monster fame). For the health conscious, many hotels in Inverness offer activities like Golf, Fishing, Walking & Mountaineering and Game Shooting.