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Kenya: The True Safari Country

Kenya: The True Safari Country

It is said that the word ‘safari’ began in Kenya. Indeed Kenya has all the aspects to justify that it is in fact the number one safari country. Safari did not only start by the arrival; in hordes, of the camera wielding, cigar smoking, boot wearing and rifle carrying European tourist in search of the elephant tusk or the lion’s mane. It is a given fact that safari is deep rooted in the Africa culture. The African culture is extremely social and going on safari to visit distant relatives and friends is a normal mode of life.
In the lives of the 21st century, safari to the foreign tourists is one that takes them deep into the African jungle where they encounter the wild animals in their natural habitat. This is in most cases the highlight of every tourist on safari in Kenya or any other African country. But; there is more to safari than just seeing the animals in the wild and this is where Kenya remain the only country in the world; where one can experience the true nature of safari.
Kenya has been a safari country for many centuries. With this kind of experience, Kenya has mastered all the little details of safari organization and comprehensive capitalized on the important aspects.

Hotel Infrastructure:

Kenya has invested heavily on hotels and lodges across all the national parks. It always comes as a pleasant surprise to the foreign tourist how comfortable they can stay right in the middle of the jungle. Accommodation units are available to cater for all kinds of tourists. A camp site will be available for the back-packer and a 5 star jungle resort will be available for the luxury seekers. Having been a bilingual courier for many years, I witnessed with great awe the wonder in many a tourist on how enormous jungle resorts can be run with the perfection of a city hotel.

Human Resource:

Kenya has invested enormously on the training of the personnel who work in the tourist resorts and any other safari related discipline. This will range from the waiter in the city hotel to the manager in the jungle resort; from the porter who will pick your luggage from your room to the driver-guide who will show you the impalas and lions in the bush.


Kenya is an extremely divers country. One gets practically any adventure of his choice. Kenya is endowed with a coastal line for those who love to relax on the sandy beaches. The savannah and the forests offer you a perfect spot for viewing the wild animals. The mountains provide the more adventurous ones with a hike of a life-time. The deserts of northern Kenya provides you with a perfect setting to enjoy the hot sun and see the rare animals only found north of the equator. The Rift Valley provides some of the most unique landscapes in Africa; not to mention the Rift Valley lakes that are home to millions of flamingoes.

Smile & Friendliness:

This is one aspect that every tourist who has visited Kenya will attest to. There is no where else in Africa where you will be received and served with so much happiness and grace. This is probably why Kenya has remained the number one safari country. The friendliness and the smiles on the faces of the people will remain permanently imprinted in your minds. There is nothing more comforting to a foreigner than to be received and served with so much happiness.

Organization and eye to detail:

With a vast safari experience, Kenya has sharpened its skills on safari provision. Every little details will be taken care of; to your amazement and pleasure. From the time you arrive at the airport and all through your safari experience, you will always have someone taking care of your interests. Everything shall have been planned in advance and all shall be ready. In Kenya, you can always be assured that your comfort is important to everyone.