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London – Places to See Places to Stay

London - Places to See Places to Stay

London is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It’s often remarked by visitors to the West End that there seems to be a lack of churches in London: this is because they are crammed into the City, far too many to serve today’s atheistic populace (Mammon is better served with banks – at the latest survey fewer than one million believers attend church on a regular basis in the whole of England) and some are relegated to monuments or the private chapels of the guilds. A number of excellent parks are there to visit for the travelers visiting London in United Kingdom.

In virtually all areas, walking on the grass, picnicking and ball games are permitted. However, some Royal Parks close at night and are patrolled by Parks Police. Skating and bicycling are prohibited in most areas of most parks, Regent’s Park, Holland Park, Coram’s Fields, Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, Blackheath and Greenwich Park, It rolls southward onto Blackheath, a table of green, sadly crossed by the main road to Dover (it was once a favourite of highwaymen). Tube: Cutty Sark (Docklands) Train to Greenwich or Blackheath from Charing Cross, Waterloo or London Bridge)
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