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Mallorca, Spain – A Jewel In The Sun

Mallorca, Spain - A Jewel In The Sun

Mallorca – the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands –

offers a wide range of scenery, from fertile plains to mountain peaks plus culture. Great shopping and gorgeous beaches complete the picture. It is easy to see why it is such a very popular European holiday destination. Mallorca airport is modern, efficient and huge – it is a long way from the gate to the baggage claim!
So how do you get away from the typical tourist bustle and enjoy a quiet relaxing time, yet be close to the center of things in Mallorca? – Stay at the Bon Sol Hotel. This hotel, highly recommended by close friends, is located in Illetas just five kilometers from downtown Palma. Illetas was once a small town on it’s own but has now been enveloped by growing Palma urbanization. The hotel is spread into many sections over seven levels that are serviced by pretty pathways and an excellent system of elevators. The common areas are endless and outstanding with unique eclectic decorations that date from medieval to modern times and provide a warm and friendly environment that effectively encourages relaxation. There are several Knights in Armor posted at strategic locations on guard for the guests.
The hotel is family owned and run by Lorraine and Martin Xamena, who represent the second generation. They are hands on managers and are always guiding the hotel with friendly efficiency, complemented by an attentive staff, most of who have been at the Bon Sol for many years. The web site is located a
The Bon Sol is nestled into a hillside in a small cove giving it wonderful privacy with a very small but cozy private beach. The beach is complemented by four pools at various levels from the beach to the main hotel. There is also more than adequate sun worshipping equipment and tons of shade for those who prefer it. The architecture is best appreciated from the sea and gently blends the hotel into its landscape without attempting to dominate it.

There are two active bars and two restaurants –

one pair by the beach and one up the hill at the main hotel level. The food is excellent and there is lots of it! We chose the modified American plan – breakfast is buffet style with an excellent egg station, plenty of fruit and a good selection of breads and pastries. Dinner offers a different menu each night and they will accommodate your wishes if you prefer ordering off the menu.
The 92 rooms are each unique, but all are large, have good bathrooms, excellent views, with a balcony or terrace. There are 28 villas for families or more extended stays.

Most of the guests are frequent visitors –

in fact, the opening line when you meet someone new in one of the elevators, or in line for a breakfast omelet is ‘Have you been here before?” The answer is usually yes. This is the best recommendation of all!
For something completely different take a drive into the mountains – the roads are good and the views are outstanding. Visit Valldemosa, Deia, Port de Soller and Andratx – it is a fun and easy day trip.