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Medical Education In Malaysia

Medical Education In Malaysia | Travels Lifestyle

Global education has become a thing nowadays. People are not limited to their cities or confined to their nations. They want good exposure and better education infrastructure. One of the best nations that provides medical education is Malaysia. Many people want to go for Medical Education in Malaysia. Malaysia is an Asian country that occupies the part of Malay Peninsula. It also covers the island of Borneo. The country has an abundant natural beauty which contains beaches and rainforests. Cultural diversity can also be found that is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European cultures. The country has a peaceful atmosphere and people prefer this place for immigration and permanent settlement especially the ones who belong to Asia itself.

The educational system of Malaysia is great and is preferred by many Indian students. However, studying in a foreign country is not an easy task to study abroad. Students have to fulfil a lot of legal formalities. Applying for a study visa in Malaysia is not easy. A set of valid documents is required that needs to be submitted to the concerned authority. They should be genuine. The list of documents required is as follows:

·     Offer letter from the chosen educational institution approved by the pass & permit division in the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia

·     Academic transcript(s) of records

·     Health Certificate of the student

·     Student visa application form completed and signed by the applicant

·     Passport size photograph

·     Photocopies of the student’s Passport

·     Evidence of security and personal bond

·     Proof of financial capability to meet course and other expenses

·     Students have to show their approval letters upon arrival

·     Proof of full-time course of study approved by the Minister of Home Affairs

This process may take around 4-6 weeks. The approval of the application is done within 14 days. Slowly and steadily the education standards of the country are increasing. It is becoming a hub of international students especially the medical ones. The education system of Malaysia holds institutes that are ranked in the top 200 universities in the world. Many medical institutes in the country offer better infrastructure. The exposure is much more.

Seeing the interest of the students, the Malaysian government has made the process of applying for students visas very simple and easy. The students do not have to contact their local Embassy of Malaysia anymore. The steps for applying for a visa are as follows:

·     The Indian students have the option of applying for a visa directly from the institute in which they are going to study. They can submit the form directly there. The student’s passport should be valid for at least the next 1 year. If the duration is less, the application may not process. This is a mandatory requirement.

·     Along with the form, submit all the documents mentioned above and wait for the approval. The status of the application is informed by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through the educational institution chosen. This generally takes 7 days.

·     Once the application is accepted and all the documents have been submitted, the letter of confirmation is sent to the student. The Malaysian Immigration Department sends the letter to the institution and then it reaches the student.

·     Before coming to Malaysia, the students have to provide all the information to the institute which includes airport location, flight number, and arrival date and time, etc. A representative from the institute greets the student at the airport. The visa is issued via an endorsement on a valid national passport.

·     The passport is submitted to the Immigration Department and within 2 weeks a student pass sticker is affixed.

Malaysia provides golden opportunities for budding doctors to pursue their careers in medical sciences.