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Memories of Canada

Memories of Canada

Back in 2003, I had cause to make several visits to Canada, mainly to the eastern side, including Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec. Since the visits, I have a desire to make the move across the Atlantic and start a new life there.

As a boy, my memories of growing up in the UK are of hot summers and cold winters. Something that seems to have changed beyond all recognition now. Perhaps it is a distorted memory, or at least the memory of a child, but the thought of going back to seasons that you have been brought up with, seems really appealing.

Although the winters I remember as a child seemed cold, they are nothing compared to the winters experienced by the Canadians. The times I spent in Canada were mostly during the winter and it was incredibly cold. Living in the UK, especially England, brings the same old problem each and every year. One cold snap and the whole country grinds to a halt. Although the conditions in Canada seem inhospitable compared to that of the UK, they seem to cope far better than we do. It also is far more appealing than that of the UK, especially with the Christmas Card scenes that are around every corner, thanks to the snow.

In stark contrast to the winter, the summers in Canada seem really hot. Perhaps there is no middle ground. Just winter and summer? That is what appeals to me most about Canada. Well, that, the people and the ability to breathe. I am not talking about breathing in a literal manner, more a manner of space to breathe. The UK is not one of the biggest places on Earth and space is becoming more and more limited. Take London for example. There is less and less space to live and people are crammed into flats and apartments the size of shoe boxes, just for the luxury of living in London. Sure, London is a great city, but the thought of having the room to breathe seems truly appealing.

This year I hope to go back to Canada and experience the openness of the country and of the people there. In all the visits I made there, I found the Canadians to be pleasant and very polite. That is such a nice thing to experience in today’s “no time for anyone” society we live in. One thing that sticks in my mind about the Canadians, is the fact they are so proud to be Canadian. In my opinion it is justified and I can’t wait to make the hop across the Atlantic and experience some more of that Canadian hospitality.

For any Canadians who visit this site, I would love to publish any thoughts you have about Canada and what is like to live there. Not only for me, but for anyone else who is looking at moving there.