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Mexico Beaches – Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco

Mexico Beaches – Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco

Mexico beaches come in all shapes and sizes. Two of the most famous areas are Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco.


You’re probably already familiar with Acapulco if you ever watched the Wild World of Sports on ABC. Acapulco was exhibited frequently as the location of those sketchy cliff diving competitions. You know, the one where crazy men jumped a few hundred feet into a pool of water between rocks. Fortunately, you don’t have to cliff dive to enjoy Acapulco.

Acapulco is located below and on mountains jutting on off of a beautiful bay. The place is visually impressive and the beaches are very nice. There is, however, one potential downside to Acapulco. The town is tailored to tourist in a big way. You aren’t going to find any authentic Mexican culture unless you head into the hills. Instead, you are going to be bombarded by people selling things and generally catering to the all mighty tourist dollar. Some people love Acapulco, but there are better places in Mexico in my opinion.

Cabo San Lucas

How times change. Cabo San Lucas used to be a sleepy beach town on the tip of Baja California. The airport used to consists of a single, large cabana. For better or worse, those days are gone.

Cabo San Lucas is quickly becoming the place to be among Mexican beach resorts. Rock stars, Sammy Hagar, own bars and sing songs about the place. The marinas have some impressive and expensive boats. Previously bare mountains are now covered by large and impressive homes. Heck, there are even traffic jams!

Still, there is a reason all this is going on. Cabo San Lucas is simply a top notch place to go on a vacation. The sun beams all day and there are activities galore. You can go deep see fishing, kayaking, surfing or just loaf on the beach. Cafes and bars populate the beaches, but you don’t get the hectic feeling found in Acapulco. For nightlife, Cabo San Lucas can’t be beat with legendary bars and quality restaurants.

If you’re “forced” to go to Mexico on vacation, either Acapulco or Cabo San Lucas is a good spot. All and all, I prefer Cabo, but to each their own.