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Museum of World Treasures in Kansas – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Museum of World Treasures in Kansas - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you are looking for an out of this world experience then you must visit the Museum of World Treasures in Kansas. Many tourists have just happened upon this gem of a museum and sung its praises to the point that it is a recommended vacation destination even if you aren’t in the area! When you walk in you will be greeted by the skeleton of an albertosaurus and until you leave the museum you won’t stop being amazed at all there is to see. One aspect kids love is the castle recreated with monsters and even a dungeon! Some of the other fun aspects include original documents and even pictures from American patriots, European royalty, war, presidents, and more. There are even ancient artifacts on display.

This is perhaps America’s most interesting museum not to mention the most exciting. There are 10 dinosaurs on display that were alive once upon a time as well as two
royal mummies from Egypt. Other amazng displays include exhibits from many of the US wars including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, both World Wars, Vietnam,
Korea, and more. There are even exhibits on Hollywood Stars, the Wild West, musician and sports stars. And, if that is not enough to get your attention, there is also a
puppet theater, moon walk, and more for the kids. There is so much to do and see at this museum that every American should take the time to visit and see all that is on
display. It truly is impressive and very educational.

Kids under four years old get in free and adult tickets cost $8.95. Senior tickets are $7.95 and kids are $6.95. The museum is open from 10 am until 5 pm Monday through
Saturday and from noon to 5 pm on Sunday. This is an amazingly affordable place to visit especially when compared to all that it offers. If you are in Wichita, Kansas, or
anywhere nearby then you need to make the effort to visit the Museum of World Treasures. You won’t regret it and it might be the most interesting and fun museum you
have ever visited. It will certainly be the most educational!

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