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Na Pali Kauai, The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Na Pali Kauai, The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Na Pali means “the cliffs” in Hawaiian. There is a fifteen mile expanse on the island of Kauai that is considered to be Na Pali. The area is difficult to get to and mostly inaccessible because of the steep drops that are characteristic of the cliffs. People who visit the island of Kauai, however, should not miss the magnificence that is found in this area. The natural beauty is breathtaking and should be seen if you have the opportunity. The best ways to view the area since it is difficult to get to, is by boat or hiking.

Hiking is a lot of fun for people who enjoy adventure and the outdoors. You can see up close the area and enjoy the natural beauty. One of the most popular locations to visit when hiking is Hanakapi’ai. There are two general treks that are most appealing to people depending on what they want to see and how much they want to hike. Within the area there is a beach though it is only available in the summer time. The waters in this are can be very dangerous so care should be taken when going there and it is not suitable for swimming. However, the majesty of the waters will instill a sense of old time Hawaii. This trek is recommended for intermediate hikers as it is easier to get to and you can still get the feel of the area. However, it is still a bit of a hike with slopes and slippery footing so novices are not recommended to hike this. The entire round trip hike is approximately four miles.

The second hiking trip that can be taken is for more advanced hikers and is an approximate eight mile trip to get there and back. This is a lot of fun for people who enjoy hiking and are not afraid to traverse the steep embankments that are littered throughout the area. The pay off, though, is well worth it. You will arrive at the
Hanakapi’ai Falls, which features beautiful streams and a roaring waterfall, that is magnificent to observe. The waterfall itself plummets down the face of a cliff one hundred feet into a pool of water. There is lush greenery and rocks that surround the area and a plethora of stream crossings and pools.

Boat tours or kayaking are another great way to enjoy the scenic view of the area and you will be able to see parts of the area that are inaccessible by foot or inaccessible to those who are not experienced hikers. During the boat tour you can see sea life such as dolphins, turtles and monk seals. During the months of December through April you may even see some whales. While roaming the waters amid the Na Pali coast, you will see magnificent cliffs stretching up to four thousand feet from the water. There are also sea caves that are available to explore while on the trip. You can choose to go on a boat tour where you will get valuable information on the area or you can strike out on your own in a kayak or canoe.

The natives of the island would travel the area by canoe. You can get the same old world feeling and experience the Hawaii of old by going on a kayak tour of the Na Pali coast. Kauai already has an old world charm because it is not as commercial as some of the other islands. You can take this feeling to the next level by experiencing the beauty of the island like the natives of old used to.

If you enjoy snorkeling, this is a great way to view the area and also see the under sea wildlife that is abundant in the area. For beginners, you can get expert help and those who are experienced at snorkeling will have no problem exploring the reefs, fish and sea turtles. The waters off the Na Pali coast are clear and beautiful. You will see the coral reefs that are among the oldest in Hawaii. There is also a strict conservation effort so the reefs will be pristine and gorgeous. The sea life found in the area touts hundreds of various species. Many of these species are only found in this area and can not be found anywhere else in the world. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these fish in their natural habitat.

The Na Pali coast is a stunning area filled with rich greenery, steep cliffs, waterfalls, pools, streams, reefs and sea life. The scenery is both beautiful and dangerous and much of it is inaccessible by foot. Portions are available for hiking and some for experienced hikers only. The best way to get the full experience, though, is by sea. Taking a boat or kayak will allow you to explore the area. You can even go snorkeling to view the life that is found under the sea.