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Paphos, Cyprus – Holidays with Teenagers in Tow

Paphos, Cyprus - Holidays with Teenagers in Tow

You may be considering a villa holiday in Paphos in the company of teenagers. School’s out for summer and let’s be honest; did we want to traipse round historical ruins or visit monasteries and old churches on our holidays? Let me ask you – Would you feel happy if your partner suggested you spend two weeks learning the intricate details of their precious hobby, like golf, cooking or candle-making? This isn’t a school field trip! This is their holiday too, so opt for a balance. A family holiday can be one to remember with a little planning before hand. Let the teenagers in the family have a choice and this will fuel their excitement for the family trip once they realize there will be some brilliant extra curricular activities to look forward to.
I found some group activities that would appeal to all the family without breaking the budget but as we are aware teens are notorious for spending their own money and then some more, so explaining about the exchange rate may be your first step. Planning activities that everyone can look forward to and agreeing on budgets beforehand can save an awful lot of arguing and misery at the very point when the whole family should be having some fun.


Now this is definitely for the teenagers and Mum and Dad. Experience the adrenalin rush and thrill of driving across some of the wildest countryside in Paphos on your own quad bike. Start at 10am, drive to Adonis Baths for a welcome swim, have some lunch along the way. This is a trip for the adventurous only. All off road and all ages welcome.


Choose from a wide range of horses and ponies, catering for all levels of experience. Absolute beginners are welcome as well as experienced riders. Rides take you from St George, through the forest of Pegeia or along the coast to the beach. This activity provides a fabulous way to see the scenery and enjoy some family fun. Riders are fully insured and riding hats are available.


Always exciting for the teenagers and maybe Mum & Dad are also eager to give it a go. Why not try a Discover Scuba Diving course to find out what it is all about. This mini course takes about 4 hours and consists of some theory, basic skill requirements in the pool and your first experience of diving in the sea. Take warning with this activity that excitement levels are high and if enjoyed, everyone will be clambering to take the next step – purse strings may be severely stretched.


Great family fun for everyone here on the American designed 18 hole mini golf course. Something to challenge everyone and girls, if the boys are still arguing over who had the best shot and who cheated, send them off to play on the bumper cars next door to blow off steam while you sit in the garden and enjoy a cool drink.


There are many boat trips available in Paphos offering a choice of activities. Take a coastline sail where the boats will anchor in Coral Bay for you to enjoy a swim and have lunch. Hire a speedboat at the harbour and have some family fun out in the bay. For something really new, take an exhilarating ride on a Tiger Boat – hold tight and expect to come back wet.