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Peak 10 of Breckenridge Ski Resort

The Super Falcon chair lift in Breckenridge, CO opened in 1985, this made peak 10 the third mountain to be opened at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Peak 10’s double black terrain is plentiful. All the extreme double diamond terrain is on the south side of the mountain. With great runs like mustang which offers moguls, trees and more. The top part of Mustang is relatively flat, but don’t be fooled. This flat part suddenly drops into the steep part of the mountain
Towards the end of the run, there is huge natural hit and the landing is perfect but be careful not to go to big or else you will land of the flat. After the hit make sure you get enough speed for the cat walk. If you snowboard, beware, the traverse to the lift can be exhausting. There are five other double black runs on the southside all are pretty similar to Mustang with steeps and mogels. Quiver, Elan, Trinity, Black Hawk and Darkrider will challenge even the most experienced skier.
If you’re riding the Southside don’t forget about the brilliant Cimmaron ski run. If you like speed with a lot of rollers, You’ll love Cimmaron. This ski run has a giant slalom feel to it with good reason. They actually hold world cup races on this run. Once you pick up speed with this run, you’ll have a much easier traverse at the bottom. The southside is the absolute best on a powder day, but I recommend you avoid the double black runs on sunny days.
The north side of peak 10 has less vertical than the south side, but the north side has two of the greatest tree or mogel runs in Corsair and the Burn. Corsair is a little steeper than the burn, and it also has a tighter trees, but if you want to get the most bang for the buck, try starting at corsair and traverse skiers right and I promise you a long fresh run. When you pull up to the corsair mogul run, go left into the trees and I promise it all opens up into an amazing powder field.
The Burn is just below Corsair and offers wide open tree runs with absolultely perfect spacing of the trees. If you keep going to the right side when coming down the Burn, your run will be much longer.
One more run worth mentioning is the Crystal . This runs straight down the middle under the Falcon Chair. This run is a great run for an intermediate skiers looking to take that next step towards being a more aggressive skier. As a warning and tip, if you happen to be riding Breckenridge on a Saturday or Sunday, the lift lines can get extremely long. So my advice to you is to tryout peak10 early in the morning and by 10:30am, you can go to other lifts on Peak 9 or Peak 8 and there won’t be much of a line.