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PEAK 8 of Breckenridge Ski Resort

PEAK 8 of Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge’s four peaks average vertical is 13,300 feet. Breckenridge offers some of the most extreme skiing terrain in North America. This years brand new Imperial Express chair lift takes you just 500-feet from the summit of peak 8. Up here, you will find lake chutes which are considered to be the most extreme skiing in Colorado. There is little room for error up here. The lake chutesare the closest your going to get to an Alaskan heli ski trip without the helicopter.

Don’t forget about the big rocky chutes and big cornus drop which if you can ace it, will help your chances of survival. Peak 8 also includes the T bar lift which will access you to brilliant runs like horseshoe bowl, debbeys alley, boundary chutes and vertigo. Horse shoe bowl is big and steep with big boulder drops on the skiers left and right but if you ride right down the middle I promise you smooth steep lines.

If by chance you wake up early enough, try to get that first ride up on the t-bar. Once you get up here, ride the horseshoe bowl for the steepest powder field in Colorado. The best part about this is that you won’t have to deal with a painful hike.

Debbies alley brings chills down my spine and the amount of small rock drops is pure fun. The bottom of this run offers beautiful gladed trees with small drops too. These are the most extreme runs on peak eight consisting mostly of double black diamond.

Peak 8 also includes beautifully groomed blue and green runs like springer, parklane, power line, and north star. If your skills are there you might want to give north star a try. Its tight lines make it a real challenge. This run has a natural half-pipe with plenty of trees on the skiers left and right side. Don’t slack on this run and always beware of the bumps, because they are sprinkled everywhere.

Springer, parklane and power line are smoothe groomers which you can pick up a lot of speed so watch your lines. The last thing you need to happen on your vacation is to take out a family on a groomer. So always ride in control.

Enjoy your ski vacation in Breckenridge, CO.