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Popular Adventure Tours

Popular Adventure Tours

Adventure tours are truly becoming a phenomenon. Just about everyone wants to live life to its fullest. Below, is a list of some of today’s interesting adventure tours.

$Alcatraz Island. The name of a San Francisco island is also the name of a former federal prison known as ‘The Rock,’ from which no prisoner ever escaped. Island cruises are offered by many San Francisco tour companies and provide not only a tour of the former prison itself, but also offers a spectacular view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate during either day or evening tours.

$Haunted places. Some of the most fascinating adventure tours are those that include haunted locations, which are popular worldwide. Everything from haunted hotels to restaurants and even former homes are certainly eligible for inclusion in any list of adventure tours for those who dare.

$Whale watching. There is nothing more adventurous than a Hawaiian whale watching excursion. These large creatures migrate to the islands in search of comfortable living and are frequently seen on regular tours offered by charter companies throughout the state.

$The Greenbrier Hotel. Located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, The Greenbrier Hotel is a popular resort area that attracts both politicians and celebrities around the nation. Known for it’s picturesque mountain setting and peaceful serenity, the Greenbrier is nestled in the hills that made West Virginia famous. For years, guests were unaware of an underground bunker that had been built especially for high levels of government officials. In recent years, the hotel has offered tours of the bunker and it’s underground layout.

$Niagra Falls. If you believe that bigger is better, then Niagra Falls is the perfect place for all waterfall lovers. Local companies offer boat tours that provide a closeup view of the falls and area hotels that offer spectacular views of one of nature’s most spectacular creations.

$African safari. If you love animals and have a taste for true adventure, there is nothing more suited for you than an African safari. Here, you will see a live view of some of the world’s most amazing animals in their natural habitat and running freely in the wild. For the truly adventurous, an African tour is bound to quench your thirst.

$Hawaiian 7-island tour. Perhaps not adventurous in the way that many think, a Hawaiian 7-island tour is definitely an adventure in its own right. Everything from hiking up to the top of an active volcano that has been constantly erupting for years on the Big Island to helicopter tours over untouched paradise are yours for the viewing in the state of Hawaii. And when you are through being adventurous, there is always the relaxation of the rolling ocean waves to calm your nerves after a long day.