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Sabah Lodgings in Malaysia

Sabah Lodgings in Malaysia

Malaysia is a riot of color, tropics and relaxation. Sabah lodgings offer world travelers a tremendous vacation experience in this beautiful land.

Sabah Lodgings in Malaysia

You may not have heard of Sabah lodgings yet, but once you’ve seen what they have to offer, you’ll want to take an exotic vacation right away! Sabah is located in Malaysia, in an area surrounded by lush rainforests and tropical settings that offer many different types of recreation and adventure. The capital city of the Sabah area is Kota Kinabalu, and here is where you’ll land by plane to see the Sabah lodgings area.

If you don’t want to travel further into Sabah away from Kota Kinabalu, you can find a great Sabah place to stay within ten miles of the city’s center. Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru offers a beautiful seaside retreat. The place has 495 guest rooms, all well-equipped, and it boasts eight restaurants and bars to satisfy vacationers’ needs. The Tanjung Aru also offers many different activities, such as water sports, and amenities such as a kids’ club and even butler service available in your room! Malaysian cooking demonstrations and traditional rice wine tastings are also held here, so you can be sure to have an authentic Malaysian experience.

Another of the Sabah lodgings located near Kota Kinabalu is Sutera Harbour. Within Sutera Harbour there are two separate hotels: the Magellan Sutera, which houses 456 rooms and is ethnic-themed; and the Pacific Sutera, which has 500 rooms and caters more to the business traveler. Both hotels share access to leisure facilities, such as the golf course and country club, the Mandara spa, and the many different water sport and other sports and fitness areas. This resort is truly complete, and you could spend your entire vacation without leaving its confines. There are even 14 separate bars and restaurants spread throughout, meaning whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll be sure to find it somewhere in the area.

While staying at Sutera Harbour, you can also take a ride on the North Borneo Railway, operated by the resort. It features a steam locomotive and six restored railway cars, and you can take a four hour tour of the Sabah main stations, all while taking a trip back to colonial times!

Sabah, Malaysia is a destination that needs to be brought into the forefront. If you are looking for an exotic island getaway and want to travel where adventure is abundant, look no further than Sabah lodgings. Staying in Malaysia is affordable and unique, and you will have some great stories to tell your family and friends.