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As every flyer knows, the standard economy class on long haul airlines seems to be getting worse. Whilst airlines vary slightly in the available seat pitch most would say that the “sardine” class is only just acceptable.

Economy class provides precious little leg room and there is not much chance of being comfortable, especially if the passenger in front reclines their seat. Passengers over 6ft tall will have to beg at checkin in the hope of getting an emergency exit seat.

Recently, airlines have been concentrating on bringing the more expensive classes to the masses. Airplanes have increased number of “premium economy” seats and the competition between airlines has meant that the fare costs are coming down and at the same time the comfort improving.

Another new focus in the airline industry is the addition of carriers that specialize in just one class of seat on the entire aircraft – business class. These business class airlines are a new threat to traditional carriers and serve to keep the level of comfort up and the ticket prices down.

Airlines such as MaxJet, Eos Airlines and the new SilverJet offer trans-atlantic business class seats with benefits such as large pitches, wide comfortable seats that recline into flat beds, fine gourmet dining, superior entertainment systems, plenty of space, superior onboard service, private terminals, executive lounges and even chauffeur transfers at a very reasonable cost.

Business class on these new airlines is perfect not only for business travelers but also for honeymooners, leisure trips and for those flying to join a cruise.

If you are to fly transatlantic soon and you fancy paying a little more to elevate yourself out of economy, you should definitely get quotes for flying premium economy on the traditional airlines and then get quotes for business travel on these new business-only carriers. You will be surprised to find that they are are often not much more expensive.