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Skiing in the French Alps

Skiing in the French Alps

Ok folks so we have all been on some vacation to somewhere hot, but going on holiday in search of snow is something that only a certain type of person does. That person is probably into skiing. A skiing vacation does not have to be something that a professional and seasoned skier does, and in fact I learned to ski when I was on the mountains of France. If you are considering going on a skiing holiday, then I suppose it is better to learn how to Ski before you go away, and that way you can really benefit from enjoying the more challenging slopes.

My first skiing holiday, happened because my wife said that she was bored of going on holiday in search of sun and I could hardly blame her! Year, after year we ago away to some place hot and sit on the beach all day, I don’t know about you but it is not our idea of fun. The year before we had went on a safari holiday, and this was something that we found a lot more entertaining, it gave us a chance to actually do something different: that we couldn’t do back home.

Going on a skiing holiday, was also ideal because we had family out in France. It meant that we could go and see them when we first arrived and then hit the slopes for the rest of our stay. When we first arrived at our skiing destination the first thing that struck me was how warm the place is. Being surrounded by snow, you expect to experience cold weather, but in actual fact the weather was rather pleasant. The fact is that snow is deep and compressed, and that leads to ideal conditions for hitting the slopes. My wife and I started out by booking some lessons. My wife had skied before, but she explained that because she hadn’t skied for a while, she felt like she would rather do the lessons as well. The instructor was great, and really helped to give me an understanding of what was involved. I felt like I knew how to start, and stop and I felt like that gave me the necessary confidence to get started. The instructor seemed to really understand how to teach us, and I suppose that would come with his experience. He explained to us the importance of safety on the slopes, and how you have to be aware of what the people are doing around you.

During our holiday, we had a really great time. We woke up early and hit the slopes everyday. My wife and I both had really sore legs on the first few days, but that is because we both sit behind a desk five days a week. At night time, we were able to go out for dinner, and we soon became temporary locals at a nice restaurant that overlooked the slopes. It really was great, especially the food. Their were also lots of nice pubs and clubs, however we very rarely went out after our dinner: being on the slopes all day takes all the energy out of you.

If you are planning a skiing vacation then I do have a few words of warning before you decide to actually go away. Firstly, you should make sure that you are going to be in the correct physical condition to hit the slopes when you are over their. My uncle and auntie are well into their fifties and they decided to go on a skiing vacation. I never had the heart to say to them before they went, but as you can imagine it hardly the best idea, especially when my auntie suffers from heart problems. They went away and came back telling the relatives: “There is nothing to do if you don’t want to ski”. I found this hilarious, however they seemed to think it was perfectly reasonable.