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Slip Into Greece

Slip Into Greece

If you’re looking to travel, may I recommend Greece? Scanning through some picture on the internet today, I was amazed at just how much there is to see. The ruins, the culture, the landscape…. everything! It is a beautiful country, which fits well in beautiful Europe.

There is something like 15,000 kilometers of coastline to view in Greece, which also includes numerous islands such as Rhodes, Crete, and Kos. Although the edge is at sea level, approximately 80% of the land is made up of hills and mountains. Maybe this isn’t a perfect destination for a walk, but what do the hills and mountains contain?!

Sights to see! Things to experience! If you are into the picture taking and the sight seeing, Greece is the place for you. The ruins of Ancient Greece are incredible. The architecture, and the sheer amount of work involved in building these buildings isn’t the only incredible part. The amazing thing is that they are still standing this many years later!

And the culture of Ancient Greece, which is a period of about one thousand years, is really something to sink your energy into learning about. Their schooling, their housing, their cooking and food, and their arts are all very interesting to take a look at or to read about. Most historians believe Ancient Greece to be the foundation of western civilization. It heavily influenced our government, education, architecture, and language!

Greece has a little something in store for all of it’s visitors, everything from history to the beach! Now for planning next years summer vacation…