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Sunshine In The Soul Of Benidorm Spain

Sunshine In The Soul Of Benidorm Spain

With its steady temperatures, Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, has more than half the battle won to being one of the hottest tourist places in Alicante on the Mediterranean Sea. I would probably call it the Spanish melting pot because other than mixing with so many people from all over the world, you can try excellent food from all over the world and actively be a part of many of these countries’ traditions all in one city.

Benidorm, with its Arab name, has just about the same history as all other neighbouring areas around it: first the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and the Catholic Kings. And there are still remains of some of each one of these civilizations and architectural treasures, but believe me, Benidorm is not to be visited for these features, but rather to ‘ take a walk on the wild side’. Relaxation during the day on its long stretched out sandy beaches and entertainment galore at night. If we stretch our imagination and little knowledge of Spanish, we could understand the name of Benidorm as meaning “ sleeping well” ( beni=bien=well and dorm=dormir=sleep) but most of the people hardly sleep at night there!

Smoothing Sailing in Benidorm


After a 20 minute drive in your car hire from the Alicante airport, you arrive at one of the many hotels right on the beach front, but the one that is most outstanding is the Bali, four star and the highest hotel in all of Europe. It was inaugurated about two years ago and its vanguard style, airy atmosphere, luxury rooms and panoramic lateral lifts would make anyone’s stay here more pleasurable.

But you have also come to have a pleasurable stay on the 3 mile wide beach in the bay of Benidorm. The beach there is divided by what was a huge rocky protrusion, now made into the “Balcony of the Costa Blanca” and next to the Nautical Club. So when you look at the map, the beach to the right is called Levante and the one to the left Poniente. The Levante beach is in front of the newer part with lively restaurants offering all day dance music and good food. At the most northern end of this beach you will find all kinds of watersports: The long banana for kids ( and adults), waterskiing and surfboard sailing. On the other side of the balcony you will find the quieter beach of Poniente because it is a little further away from the city centre. Another great advantage is that you can sunbathe up to around 8:30 in the evening because the building are set in a way that even while the sun is setting, you can baste it. And there a few coves to be explored for those looking for more privacy.

Everyone has a little bit of adventurer like Robinson Crusoe in their veins and would probably like to have an island for themselves for a short time. Well, the island in front of Benidorm called L’Illa can be visited in one of the three boats which leaves from the Benidorm Port starting at 10:00 a.m. and the lasting one coming back at 5:00 p.m. It takes about 20 minutes to get there, a nice way to spend the day and have a leisurely lunch or snack .

But not too far away, taking the highway N-332 up north, you can open your eyes to more typical towns such as Altea, with its quaint white-washed houses leading up to the church square filled with bohemian craftsmen booths and a beautiful view of the sea. Or to Calpe to visit the Penon de Ifach, to Denia or Javea with their typical local traditions brought out into the street for everyone to enjoy. It does not matter where you are staying, there is always something to keep you in high spirits, especially if you have you tummy well attended with a good plate of Paella and some wine to accompany you.