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Surf spots guide

Surf spots guide

The wind comes brushing through the hair, the surfs are up and you are at the verge of the never-ending expense of the pacific. The great American dream is incomplete probably without the great exploits of the sea. The sea never needs the coast guard to be glorified in the USA; it is in fact the integral part of people’s lives in almost half of Americas. Now where in America can find that definitive beach, is an odd question to ask, because hardly can there be only one answer to this. From the east to the west coast the sea god has bestowed North America with probably the best beach line in the world. The extended beaches in the island countries around the American continent are also perfect places to get the tan and the surf.

Hawaii is one of the most traveled beach destination of the world. It attracts tourists due to its never ending coastlines and the secret beaches, which are so exotic that it can be called the heaven on earth. The expanse of the Ho’okipa Beach is approximately 8.4 square miles! Now that is huge!! Americans and people from around the globe visit Hawaii and bask in the golden sands of this beach. The augmented facilities on such beach resorts make it a traveler’s paradise.

The beaches are filled with activities and adventure sports. Surfing has found a new definition here in Hawaii. The surfers hit the waves early in the morning and are welcomes by the froth of the virgin seas. They take the surfers up and down and just jostle them in their vast embrace. It’s no wonder that sipping in the summer sun is one of the most pleasurable pass times. The experience at the American beaches is so fulfilling that many have made this their philosophy.

Malibu finds its name among the top beaches of America. The beach offers vivid activities ranging from surfing, parasailing and gliding. Having all these present at the same spot has made beaches the choicest destination for the holiday goers. Also the beaches of America are host to the best surfing competitions of the world. The Aloha Classic is held every year to choose the ablest rider of the American waves. The competitions are covered by almost all sports media and this has boosted the popularity of the beaches around the globe. But the American water lines are the best in many ways.

There are many adventure opportunities these beaches have to give. But the sea is not an easy customer to trade with. The waves can at times be too dangerous and too big. The surfers find it very difficult and sometimes fatal to venture into rough seas. The US cost guards as well as the local life guards can be seen posted at ever beach. This gives the tourists and the people a carefree atmosphere to surf and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Experiences like tsunami may have reduced the number of sea going people but this has in no way reduced enthusiasm that drives America. sea is still the favorite toy to play with